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Resurrection - Mistaken For Dead
After 15 years, here we have finally the second full length album by death-metal cult band Resurrection. This band formed in 1990 in Tampa, Florida, which was the Mecca of American death-metal at that time. They released their debut album called Embalmed Existence in 1993 on Nuclear Blast Records. They did a couple of tours and after that they suddenly disappeared in 1996. Resurrection came back together to rehearse and record a demo in 2005. That demo resulted in a contract with Massacre Records and a new album.
On this album we have the complete old line-up, with the exception of the drummer Gus Rios. Gus Rios is in fact the ex-drummer of Florida death-metal band Malevolent Creation. The album starts off with a really catchy song called ‘Coward’. This album feels like stepping back in time, which brings you 15/18 years back. It sounds really good and catchy, but also very familiar to all the other old Florida death-metal bands as Obituary, Monstrosity and Malevolent Creation. I personally really like that kind of death-metal, but I wonder if the kids of today are waiting on a band like this.
Some songs are a bit more up-tempo, but still have plenty of groove and catchy headbang riffs in them. It’s the typical Florida death-metal that made those bands popular back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. The sound is typical Morrisound Studio. The studio of Scott Burns absolutely dominated the death-metal scene in the early 90’s. Thumbs up for Audiohammer Studios! They succeeded perfectly in re-creating the Morrisound Studios sound and atmosphere. The song called ‘Death By Desire’ is my personal highlight. It’s a chunky, groovy headbang song, with the typical 90's feeling. The rest of the songs are good, decent death-metal songs, but not at all original.
This summer they played some bigger festivals like Wacken, Party San, With Full Force and Summer Breeze. I think they will banged some heads over there! The whole album is pretty enjoyable, although the songs are very much similar to each other. This album has been released 15 years too late. Still it is an enjoyable nostalgic death-metal ride!
Resurrection - Mistaken For Dead
75/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Sunday Jul 13th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Saturday Sep 20th, 2008

Tags: #Resurrection
Tracklisting 01. Coward
02. Buried Alive
03. X-ile
04. Perils Of Burden
05. Death By Desire
06. The Deceiver
07. Ritual Slaughter
08. Thirst For Flesh
09. Unholy
Line up John Asti - guitar
Jerry Mortellaro - guitar
Scott Patrick - bass
Gus Rios - drums
Paul Degolyer - vocals