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Seeds of Sorrow - Immortal Junkies

This Austrian band was found in the summer of 1994. After working very hard for a long time

they became bigger and bigger in the Austrian death-metal scene. After touring with a large

number of great bands like Motorhead, Vader, Obituary, Manowar, Cannibal Corpse, Tiamat

and Hypocrisy and after releasing two other albums it was time for their third;

Immortal Junkies.


With their deep grunts and fast base-drumriffs this is certainly pretty good music to listen to.

Even for me! And I'm not a death-metal fan at all. The first time that I listened to this album I didn't like it at all but listening it again made me discover new things on the album. I actually started to like it. Although I like the grunts, they are a little too much the same. If vocalist Alex Aigner would bring a bit more variation in his vocals it would be an even more perfect album.

And then the guitars, what can I say about that? They play pure death-metal which I haven't

got to explain further I think.


It's obvious that I like this album. Although the songs are a bit 'empty', most of them will grab

your attention sooner or later. This album made a good impression of death-metal to me which, I think, says enough for most of you.


I think this album deserves a warm welcome from all you death-metal fans out there.


Line up:

Tom Zonyga - drums

Alex Aigner - vocals

Markus Marath - bass guitar

David Guger - guitar

Sigurd Krieger - guitar



1. If Jesus Died

2. Headshot

3. Fake

4. Immortal Junkies

5. Deep Mongolian Steinem Joh

6. Illuminati

7. The Day the whole World Dies

8. Alcoholic Nightmare

9. Ejaculation of an Unknown God

10. Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth cover)

Seeds of Sorrow - Immortal Junkies
72/1001Details Metal Age Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Saturday May 29th, 2004

Tags: #Seeds of Sorrow
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