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Nephthys - Demo
This fairly young band bestows upon the world their first effort; a three track demo. A perfect medium to get you’re name and your music out there of course. Nephthys play a collection of doom/death riffs with brutal parts and a lot of melody. Let’s see if this has potential.
Key factor in this band is that there are three girls in the line-up, one guitarist, one grunter and one bassist that also handles melodic vocals. Completing the line-up is a male drummer. The band formed in 2003 but changed in line-up quite frequently, eventually evolving into what they are now. Nephthys obviously aims at a melodramatic and melancholic sound in the vein of bands like My Dying Bride, Opeth and (more closer to home) Officium Triste.
With all demos it is hard to give a real opinion about the music, since it’s in its youngest stage. Yet one can hear that this is a good step in the right direction for these girls and guy, for the songs sound reasonably solid and there are even some parts that I really liked. My main problem lies with the length of the songs (too much repetitive stuff) and the quality of the vocals. The clean vocals sound a bit insecure and one-dimensional, yet they offer perspective for the future. The grunts sound different with every sound-system I play the demo at, yet this is also a one-dimensional sound that misses a lot of low frequencies, thus it misses out on a lot of impact.
For the rest this is certainly a nice demo to get started. Fans of melancholic and depressive metal might wanna keep an eye out Nephthys.
Nephthys - Demo
No ScoreDetails Independent
Released on Wednesday Jun 18th, 2008
Doom/Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Sep 23rd, 2008

Tags: #Nephthys
Tracklisting 1. Reign In Sanity
2. Drowning In Despair
3. Closure
Line up Geertje Martens - grunts
Sil Derks - bass & vocals
Loes Bayens - guitar
Remco Janssen - drums