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Hot 'n Steamy Monkey Love - Hot 'n Steamy Monkey Love

I was the first long waiting fan that received a copy of this Dutch masterpiece. Featuring members of cult-status hardcore band Insult (RIP), expectations are high. As soon as the needle of my old turntable hits the record I knew that I indeed had a masterpiece spinning, and that the record went beyond my expectations.


For starters, who would even think about making sludgerock? So originality is certainly included in this band. Then to describe the music; sludgecore with a high dose of rock ‘n roll and sudden eruptions of punk/hardcore and sometimes even a bit of thrash metal. Sounds like a good combination to you? Well, it is!


The elpee is best comparable with sludgecore heroes Iron Monkey whom had a big influence on HSML while making their music. The rock ‘n roll part isn’t always as audible as the sludgecore part but at some parts you’ll definitely recognise it. And the real rougher parts refer to the bands musical roots; the HC/punk scene.


The guitars have that nice buzzing sludge sound, just like the vocals have that real rotten screaming sound. The only thing I dislike about the entire album is the spoken word passages and the more singing kinda parts. He just doesn’t have the voice for that end it refers to punk a bit too much in my opinion.
The drums sound insanely good. Nabbe The Bastard fills up every little gap with rolls and bashes. Even a cowbell is used twice I believe on this record. And how long has it been that I bought a metal album that featured a cowbell!

Add a couple of real well placed movie samples from movies like Snatch and Detroit Rock City (that one rules!!!) and that about sums up Hot ‘n Steamy Monkey Love.

I see a very bright future for this band and I can’t wait to see them again.


Thanks to: Nabbe the Bastard for the elpee and El Sancho for keeping me informed about the latest developments within the band.





Side A:
1. The Good, The Stabbed And The Strangled
2. Sour Fruits
3. Inmate Romance
4. Show Buzz
5. Lamb Of God, Sheep Mentality
6. The Black Legacy Of Failure And Bad Luck


Side B:
7. Bad Day
8. Straightjacket
9. Monuments To Mankind’s Mistakes
10. Drugs, Sex, Money And Murder
11. Dead Wonderland

Spreaders of the gospel:

Reverend Davy: Unconstructive criticism, cloven hoofed poetry, throat cancer
Grizzly Rob: Part-time bald spotted riff merchant, full-time capitalist.
Boris da Bass: Holy herbs, an evil bong and five thundering strings dripping with THC.
El Sancho: Mexican boyband-reject, heartbreaking mangina
Nabbe the Bastard: Blunt objects, knuckledragger, bad tempered couch potato.


Score: 89/100

Hot 'n Steamy Monkey Love - Hot 'n Steamy Monkey Love
89/1001Details Deadlock Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Monday May 31st, 2004

Tags: #Hot \'n Steamy Monkey Love
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