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Descending - Enter Annihilation
In 2007 some guys decided it was time for a new band that would create uncompromising death/thrash metal that would combine all the modern elements of metal music. From Children Of Bodom, Trivium and Soilwork up to more oldschool bands like At The Gates and Exodus. That’s the story of Descending in a nutshell.
Starting with ‘Enter Annihilation’, it’s immediately clear that we are dealing with some great musicians that are truly masters of their instruments. During that song it gets very clear that the vocalist is only capable of creating a very standard scream that is no added value to this song. Sadly enough it’s the same for the second song but during the third song there’s suddenly a melodic voice that did raise my eyebrow for one second. Not that it's very great, but he might consider to do that more often.
After a couple of songs it’s getting pretty clear that all the songs are well played and structured. The only problem with almost all the songs is that they totally lack any kind of face of its own. I constantly have the feeling that I’m listening to a sort of coverband that has combined all kind of riffs from several bands in order to create great songs. But they're missing one point here and that is the feeling, the atmosphere of an album with a face of its own.
Oke let’s face it, the idea was great but they failed miserably in the process. Practically all the songs lack any kind of originality. This gives you the feeling you’ve heard it all before and probably a thousand times better. Just try to come up with some original songs instead of copying other bands. Especially the keyboard part in ‘Killer Instinct’ is a great example of this.
Descending - Enter Annihilation
50/1001Details Massacre Germany
Released on Friday Jul 25th, 2008
Thrash/Death metal

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Sep 28th, 2008

Tags: #Descending
Tracklisting 1. Enter Annihilation
2. Horror Show
3. Part of the Game
4. Killer Instinct
5. Raging Cold Blood
6. Creations Remains
7. Your Valentine
8. Descending
9. Unblind
10. Day to Die, Die Today
11. Competition Suicidal Role
12. Trust
Line up Jon Simvonis - Vocals
Constantine - Rhythm and Lead guitar
Theo - Rhythm guitar
Noir - Bass
Anthony - Drums