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Ligeia - Bad News
Ligeia from western Massachusetts was originally formed in 2003. After several years of touring they’ve released their debut album, which was produced by Ken Susi from Unearth, in 2006. Now, two years later, their second album called Bad News has hit the streets - once again produced by Ken Susi.
After a rather standard intro, we are thrown the first chorus were the breakdown immediately catches my attention. Not that it’s so great. On the contrary; it’s completely standard and lacks any kind of aggression. The track goes on and I had to suppress the feeling to skip the rest of it. The second song called ‘Johnny Cash’ is even worse. It has got a sort of 'Papa Roach' chorus in it which gives me the shivers. Please, don’t use the name of a legend on your album when the song lacks any kind of inspiration.
Luckily, we're finally getting somewhere at the third track. The melodic metalcore that is performed in this particular song sounds at least pretty good (if you leave the scratches out). It contains some nice, powerful riffs and an has aggressive feel to it. This continues for a couple of songs and I am finally getting my hopes up for the remaining minutes of the album. But of course, just when I started to like Bad News a bit, I come across the song ‘Interlude’. Which is nothing more than a little over a minute of acoustic guitar playing without any kind of inspiration in it. After this, the album goes on with ‘Bombshell’: a song that even has a bit of Incubus in it, but doesn’t cut it compared to the real deal.
In the end, I wouldn't say that Bad News is an album I would buy myself, so it does fit the album title. One of the major problems on this album is that it lacks a lot of inspiration and good lyrics. Especially good lyrics, because most of them are about drinking, fucking and probably also how to get in that one girl's pants.
Ligeia - Bad News
62/1001Details Ferret Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 5th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Sep 30th, 2008

Tags: #Ligeia
Tracklisting 1. Bad News
2. Johnny Cash
3. I've Been Drinkin
4. Hot Mess
5. One Night Stand
6. Teenage Wasteland
7. Interlude
8. Bombshell
9. Heroin Diaries
10. Thanks For Nothing
11. Hoodrat
Line up Keith Holuk - Vocals
Ryan Ober - Guitar
Brandon Whipple - bass
Phil Fonseca -drums