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Reflection - When Shadows Fall

When you release 3 studio albums in a period of 17 years, counted out several demos and EPs, you’re far from productive as a band. In a way this can be positive, ‘cause maybe the members of the band only wanted to create the best of the best. In most cases it is due to line-up changes, side-projects and other obligations. In the case of Reflection they indeed had some line-up changes and their previous record, the 2003 concept album Odyssey, was received positively, but When Shadows Fall hasn’t become a masterpiece which they need to keep their name in the world until a possible fourth record.

When it comes to Reflection’s music it can best be described as heavy power metal without the speed and with the addition of some doomy atmospheres. This album therefore is more something for a power metal fan than a doomhead, but in fact for both genres Reflection’s music isn’t really suitable. A doom fan will probably be annoyed by the high-pitched vocals at some points, while a power metal fan will miss the speed and the challenging guitar parts.

At some points it feels like they’ve tried to copy Nevermore, but without having the proper equipment, singer and technical capabilities. All in all, When Shadows Fall is a record where the wrong decisions have been taken. They’re just a bit unfortunate or as we say in Holland: "ze hebben gewoon naast de pot gepist".

Reflection - When Shadows Fall
60/1001Details Cruz Del Sur Music
Released on Friday Sep 26th, 2008
Epic / Doom Metal

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Oct 1st, 2008

Tags: #Reflection
Tracklisting 01. Entering The Sea…
02. Mistress Of Sea
03. Ghost Ship
04. When Shadows Fall
05. Whispers Of The Lost…
06. Lost
07. Desert Land
08. Soul Salvation
09. Eyes Of The Night
10. Serpent’s Eye
11. Kingdom Of Fire
12. Mistress Of Sea (Orchestral Version)
Line up Stathis Pavlantis – Guitar
John Litinakis – Bass
Leo Stivala – Vocals
Iraklis Loukakis – Keyboards
George Pavlantis – Drums