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Addiction Crew - Lethal
Of course everybody knows a story about a band that was on a bigger record label that didn’t have enough time or finance to promote the band properly. Well this is also the case with Addiction Crew from Italy. A few years ago they where picked up by Earache but after their release of Break The Life, which reached big proportions in Japan, they couldn´t give Addiction Crew the attention to promote the band properly.
Aural Music, which is the current record label of Addiction Crew, is willing to promote the album Lethal in a different way. Aware of the need to keep up with the changing times they decided to give priority to the digital marketing of the album. All the tracks on the album will be made available on several download sites such as iTunes, Napster, Emusic and many more.
Lethal, which is the title of the latest album of Addiction Crew starts with the title track. After several seconds it’s pretty obvious they’re aiming for the commercial side of metal. With a slick sound and production, where every instrument has precisely enough room not to overwhelm anything else, they made a safe impression on me. Especially when they use keyboards as a nice background filler. If we leave the slick production behind we do see several well balanced tracks that are indeed very catchy. Especially the powerful voice of Marta Innocenti is an extra contribution to these songs because she is not blown away in the heavier parts of the songs.
Of course there are always people that are judging anybody who is only thinking of doing something commercial. On the other hand, aren’t those also the bands that keep the scene going for such a long time? I mean if Metallica didn’t “sell-out” with their black album a lot of people wouldn’t know anything of metal, let alone listen to it. Well, in the end Addiction Crew came up with a decent album that’s full of Nu metal, Nu rock, Crossover or whatever you’d like to call it. It’s full of songs that are catchy, easy to sing along with and all of them have the same good slick production.
Addiction Crew - Lethal
78/1001Details Aural Music
Released on Friday Jun 6th, 2008
Modern metal

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Oct 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Addiction Crew
Tracklisting 1. Lethal
2. Target
3. Reason You Can't Sleep
4. See Me Again
5. Make a Sense
6. Along the Way
7. Shove
8. Signs of Living
9. Hangin' in the Air
10. Ride on Liars
11. To the Core
12. Surrounded
Line up Marta Innocenti - Vocals
Alex Guadgnoli - Guitar
Max Canali - Bass
Luca Canali - Drums