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Breedmachine - Renaissance
Like we all know, France is not the most metal friendly country. Name for example 5 well known French bands, indeed I rest my case. Well maybe with the latest contribution of Breedmachine called Renaissance, this will change a bit.
Starting with ‘Renaissance’, they give me an instant Machine Head Burn My Eyes feeling. Of course not as good as that album but the feeling is there. Continuing with ‘V.S’ it became clear for me that the lyrics of Breedmachine are completely in French. Something I can appreciate. I mean, if you have to choose between writing shitty English lyrics or great lyrics in your own language, it’s pretty obvious what you should do. Nonetheless a lot of bands would still choose to write in shitty English.
During the fourth song, ‘Ma Haine’, I’m starting to get to know the trick of Breedmachine which made it a bit harder to focus on the album. Of course the drum work and riffs are great. The vocals are great and brutal but the thing is that there isn’t much difference between the songs on the album. In the end it gives me the feeling all looks the same on the album and that's a bit pity. Especially since Breedmachine proves that they’re capable of producing brutal tracks.
Overall Renaissance is not a bad album, it only has the major problem that everything looks the same in the end. So if you don’t mind that, this could be the album for you. As for all the other people: I would spend my hard earned money on other things than this album.
Breedmachine - Renaissance
65/1001Details Revanches Music
Released on Sunday May 25th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Thursday Oct 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Breedmachine
Tracklisting 01. Renaissance
02. V.S.
03. Riviere Blanche
04. Ma Haine
05. Ma Prison
06. Hypocrites
07. Toujours
08. Douleur
09. Juste Pour Toi
10. Un Destin Tracé
11. Quel avenir ?
Line up Mike - Vocals
Ja - Guitar
Kriss - Bass
Deub - Drums