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Many Things Untold - Atlantic
With an average age of 17, Many Things Untold is officially the youngest band I’m reviewing this month. At least that’s what I guess, because lately these young bands are popping up from all over the place. Most of the time hitchhiking along on the so called metalcore hype. Well, Many Things Untold isn’t an exception. With their debut album Atlantic in their pocket they’re making their first steps into the evil world of metal music.
From the first tones of ‘In Oceans’ it’s pretty clear that age definitely isn’t an issue here. The metalcore that is performed by Many Things Untold is really tight, brutal and with a great, crystal clear production that gives the music an extra boost. Add to this some brutal, low grunted vocals, combined with typical screamo vocals and some melodic vocals and you’ll have an idea how Many Things Untold sounds.
Although the songs sound great, they’re not the most original metalcore songs I have heard lately. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are not bad. It’s just that they aren’t very innovative. Everything is done by the book; heavy screams, typical breakdowns and some melodic vocals here and there. On the other hand: the songs may be lacking originality, but they are well performed.
So in the end, we have a debut album that’s full of metalcore, played by the book and doesn’t bring anything new to the table. But the songs are well played and played with passion. Maybe these youngsters are not yet good enough in terms of writing innovative songs and maybe they still have to learn something here and there. So what. They have time enough to improve on that point and to be honest, they did get make me curious about their next album.
Many Things Untold - Atlantic
80/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 5th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Oct 5th, 2008

Tags: #Many Things Untold
Tracklisting 1. In Oceans
2. A World Apart
3. Mark My Words
4. Where We Both Belong
5. Safety In Monotony
6. That's The Beauty Of It, I Guess
7. Theory Of The Fallen
8. Difference In Up And Down
9. This May Be The End
10. Slovakia
Line up Toby Underhill - vocals
Gary Hellman - guitars, vocals
Adam Wilkinson - guitars
Ash Robinson - bass
Tim Wright - drums