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Mendeed - From Shadows Came Darkness
In December 2003, Mendeed signed their first contract with UK label Rising Records. From that moment on, the band got a lot of attention and gained lots of fans. They started touring with greater bands such as Slipknot, Trivium and Napalm Death. The band released some stuff on Rising Records before signing to Nuclear Blast. Whatever happened to them after that remains a little vague to me, but I just recently came to discover this band doesn’t exist anymore. Rising Records however, found it necessary to re-release two MCDs of Mendeed. The CDs were recorded in 2004 and 2006.

When you can’t listen through the production quality of a release, you’re done reading here. You don’t even have to try this one. After a somewhat useless intro track, it becomes very obvious this release was recorded a couple of years ago with not too much of a budget. The vocals sound like they’re coming from somewhere in the back of the mix. Still, they're quite convincing and fortunately there isn’t too much clean singing on this release either. Instrumentally however, the mix seems quite alright. Especially when you take into account that From Shadows Came Darkness is the band’s first release.

Take for example the guitar solo in ‘Ignite The Flames’, sounds really pro! Musically this band is best to be described as a melodic death metal / metalcore outfit. Although I know Mendeed changed more into a melodic death metal band over the years. The songs on this MCD aren’t very original but they do kick ass. It shows a band that’s ready to conquer the world, although they’re still far away from doing that. At least it shows potential. Then again, if you wanna check out Mendeed’s work, this release is probably the last option to do so. Wouldn’t spend my money it!
Mendeed - From Shadows Came Darkness
68/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Friday Oct 1st, 2004

Writer @Boek on Monday Oct 6th, 2008

Tags: #Mendeed
Tracklisting 01. Hope Lies In The Heart Of Even The Darkest Soul
02. Act Of Sorrow
03. Blood Laced Tears
04. Ignite The Flames
05. Fatal Poison Whisper
06. Perpetual Sin
07. Glory By The Name
Line up David Proctor – Vocals
Chris Lavery – Bass/Vocals
Steven Nixon – Lead Guitar
Steph Gildea – Guitar
Kevin Matthews – Drums