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Destruct-A-Thon - Aloha Jihad
Destruct-A-Thon is a four-piece that spawned in the year 2000 to create a furious mixture of punk/hardcore, stoner-rock and thrash metal. This new EP contains a mere ten minutes of metal attack and is more punk/hardcore orientated. Rock ‘n’ roll!!
Destruct-A-Thon offer two new songs that are great efforts in fast paced punk/hardcore. The up-tempo bashing and mid-tempo grooves work out really nice. Added to this mix are the familiar hardcore shout-alongs and an aggressive/drunken and sometimes slightly clean sounding vocalist. But they’ve also decided that their female guitarist could add some clean vocals to the mix, which was a bad call in my opinion. Fortunately this occurs only once.
The band also recorded a cover of the band Bravado from Long Island, whom called it quits in 2003 and with whom Destruct-A-Thon played some shows in the past. The song fits perfectly with the rest of the tracks. To complete the album there are two bonus tracks of which the first is a voice-mail threat message and the second is the radio edit for the title track ‘Aloha Jihad’.
Overall it’s a nice effort in hardcore rock ‘n’ roll, I just hope that next time they’ll send us a longer effort than this EP!
Destruct-A-Thon - Aloha Jihad
72/1001Details Trashachusetts
Released on Friday Jun 13th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Oct 6th, 2008

Tags: #Destruct-A-Thon
Tracklisting 1. Aloha Jihad
2. Consume With Incisor
3. Heart Attack
4. Jet Metal Voice Text
5. Aloha Jihad (radio edit)
Line up Duncan Wilder Johnson - Vocals
Michele Morgan - Guitar, Vocals
Sean Linehan - Bass
Eric "Jungblood" O'Brien - Drums