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Defenestration - For Us It Ends When We Drown
Anyone remember the female fronted UK nu-metal band Defenestration? I do from their video for the track ‘Stitch’, which was aired on a show called Wet ‘n’ Wild in a far past here in Holland. The vocalist had cute pink hair but the song kinda sucked. Let’s see how they do today.
For Us It Ends When We Drown is a mini-album from 2004, and it is also the last effort this band put out. They’ve called their quits in 2004, and after hearing these six songs I’m glad they did. They still play a crappy form of nu-metal that bugs the hell out of me, but occasionally makes me laugh. And that’s not a good thing. The production of this disc is utterly terrible, especially the guitars sound like shit. Furthermore this drummer is at a beginner’s level and too much in the front of the mix. And then to top it all, vocalist Gen Tasker has made up the worst possible vocal lines which she can sing out of tone and rhythm and scream like she’s giving birth without anaesthetics. But she still has the cute pink hair!
Conclusion: this record should be avoided at every cost except if you’re an insecure, underage, angry goth girl with no sense of taste. I hope you’re not though.
Defenestration - For Us It Ends When We Drown
35/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Thursday Oct 7th, 2004

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Oct 7th, 2008

Tags: #Defenestration
Tracklisting 1. Moments Of Truth
2. Going To Vancouver
3. Game Over
4. Excuses And Exits
5. Queue To Nowhere
6. Axe Fight
Line up Robert Reeves - guitar
Scott Warner - bass/vocals
Kieran Brian - drums
Jay Thompson - guitar/vocals
Gen Tasker - vocals