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North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty

In their quest to take back the hardcore scene from emo kids and other weak and scared pussy hardcore acts, North Side Kings now releases its fourth full length and its first release through I Scream Records. This Arizona based hardcore act delivers us heavy, straight forward and to the point music. No poetic lyrics, no metal or emo influences, just uncompromisable hardcore the way it should be (according to this five-piece).

With Suburban Royalty we’re presented some classic, aggressive, perfect for in a moshpit, kind of hardcore. Like Madball? You’ll definitely like NSK! This is just a brutal record without the usual bullshit and with lyrics about the daily life street stories of these Italian-American guys. Don’t believe me? I think song titles as ‘Giving Emo Kids Something To Really Cry About’, ‘Street Trash’ or ‘Hustle Don’t Stop (Blood Money Anthem)’ say enough. If for whatever reason you’re still not convinced, you should read their lyrics: “She ain’t nothin' but a gangsta bitch. I’m fucking with a gangsta bitch and I love my gangsta bitch, ‘cause nice girls are overrated”. It could be you think NSK’s hardcore sounds a bit outdated, but for the oldschoolers amongst you, this is surely worth your money.

I must say there are two disappointments on this disc though. First there is the cover of Anthrax’ ‘Among the Living’ and second you’ve got a cover of Joan Jett’s ‘Bad Reputation’. When comparing the two songs, the Anthrax cover isn’t that bad at all. ‘Bad Reputation’ just really sucks, but both tracks shouldn’t have been on Suburban Royalty. All in all I’m glad NSK hasn’t given up the hope to free the hardcore scene from the bad influences, ‘cause Suburban Royalty is a beautiful statement that should be heard.

North Side Kings - Suburban Royalty
83/1001Details I Scream Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 9th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Oct 7th, 2008

Tags: #North Side Kings
Tracklisting 01. Giving Emo Kids Something To Really Cry About
02. This Means War
03. My Sins
04. Street Trash
05. Downtown At The Bar
06. Hustle Don’t Stop (Blood Money Anthem)
07. When Push Comes To Shove
08. Step Aside
09. Nice Girls Finish Last
10. Organizing Our Neighbourhood
11. Thugcore
12. Bad Reputation
13. The Bearer Of Bad News
14. Outro
15. Among The Living
Line up Danny – Hoagie eater and bar brawler
Jason – The nice guy
Tom – Being quieter and the older fella
Luke – Punk rocker and pirate
Todd – Token black guy and movie trivia master