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Legacy of Hate - Unmitigated Evil
Last week I wrote a review where I stated that France in not a really big metal country. I would like to correct myself because I want to add Austria to that same list. Austria is the home country of Legacy Of Hate which has just released their fourth album called Unmitigated Evil upon humanity.
According to their MySpace page Legacy Of Hate plays melodical deathcore. I don’t know how it exactly would sound but I’ll give it shot. With rather standard riffing that starts after a dull intro of 50 seconds they try to grab my attention. Something they failed miserably in. Not only are the riffs rather standard, the production is also very flat, which obviously doesn’t contribute to the quality of the music. After skipping some songs I realised this didn’t change for the entire album. So I went for a different approach.
Maybe I had to play the album during all the other things I had to do around the house. So during some cleaning hours I played the album several times more. Which was probably why my neighbours do hate me right now but that doesn’t bother me very much. After several spins it was pretty obvious that hardly any of the songs had made some impression on me.
This leaves me to the conclusion that Legacy Of Hate released an album that is probably a must have for their fans. As for the rest of the evil world called metal, you could skip this release at once, for it has rather standard riffing and drumming with a flat production that kicks the album even further into the ground.
Legacy of Hate - Unmitigated Evil
55/1001Details Maintain Records
Released on Friday Jun 6th, 2008
Melodical Deathcore

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Oct 7th, 2008

Tags: #Legacy of Hate
Tracklisting 1. Wake Up
2. When Chains Are Breaking
3. Moment of Secrets
4. Behind the Mind Animosity
5. Memories We Made
6. Blindfold Aggression
7. Dispatch: The Solution for Hope
8. Last Days of Night
Line up Leo - Vocals
Max - Guitars
Hell - Guitars
Rob - Bass
Pointi - Drums