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Warnerve - Face Of God
This Italian band was born in 1997 as a thrash-metal band. Due to a lot of line-up changes, the remaining members changed their musical style drastically. In 2003 they had a steady line-up for the first time. This band self-released their debut album No One Survives, filled with groove-rock in 2004. In 2008 they self-released their second full length called Face Of God.

This album is divided in two parts. The first part are five ‘normal’ songs. The band itself describe their music as a “ultra heavy stoner-rock” and name bands like High On Fire, Down and Entombed as their influences. Frankly I do not agree with their description. The sound is overall more rock than metal, so naming a band like High On Fire as your influence doesn’t suit them. I'd rather place this band in a more groove/stoner-rock corner, with resemblances of bands like Soundgarden, Down, P.O.D. and Stone Sour.

The hart is on the right place within this band and you can hear they are doing this for a while, but it is simply not really original or groundbreaking stuff. The weaknesses within this band, is that they are not able to write songs that will stick with you for a few days. It is all played very decently, but it simply doesn’t stick. Another weak point is their singer. On the fourth track, ‘Doubt’ , there is some clean singing parts in it and he completely misses it. His voice isn’t stable enough to sing high and clean and sometimes he tends to sound a bit false.

Second part of the disc are four songs that are inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie; ‘2001-A Space Odyssey’! This part of the disc sounds a bit more experimental and psychedelic and you can actually hear that they are pretty decent musicians. I think the potential is there in this band, but they simply miss the capacity of writing catchy songs. When they are able to write some catchy tunes in the future, we might hear some more of these lads!
Warnerve - Face Of God
52/1001Details Self-released
Released on Monday Sep 15th, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Sunday Oct 12th, 2008

Tags: #Warnerve
Tracklisting Chapter.1
01. The Coming Of Enki
02. The Face Of God
03. Itaca
04. Doubt
05. Failed

(based on-2001, a space odyssey)
06. The Dawn Of Man
07. Monolith
08. Jupiter
09. Beyond the Infinite

10. All Right Now (bonus track)
Line up Simone Perron - vocals, lead guitar
Andrea Alby - guitar
Michel Treves - bass
Daniele Cogo - drums