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Manatark - Chaos Engine

Manatark is a complete new band for me. They shared the stage with bands like Mayhem, Borknagar and Impaled Nazarene

This is their second album. In 2000 they released their first album "Viimanegi Veri". After three years it's time for their new long awaited album "Chaos Engine". This album is completely in English, so for people outside Estonia it's understandable.


This album starts with "The Principle". This intro is a little bit weird. When you hear it you wouldn't expect black metal. Second track is "Parallels and Parity", and Manatark is going full speed. fast, melodic black metal. This album contains all fast black metal songs, only "Four Walls" and "Devilchant" are different. Those tracks have a heavy metal though on it. "The Serpent's Tongue" is the most brutal song on this album. After that it's time for "Crystal" This is a nice impressive instrumential track which gives a nice introduction for the song "Devilchant".




The quality on this album isn't that good. It has a underground production. But that's normal for a black metal band and I think they did a good job with this. It brings you in the mood for the album. Overall I enjoyed the album. It contains strong and varied tracks. When you like bands like Mayhem, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, you should check out this band.



1. The Principle

2. Parallels and Parity

3. Four Walls

4. We Stole Your Death

5. The Serpent's Tongue

6. Crystal

7. Devilchant

8. Lies, Blasphemy, Deceit



Draconic: vocals, lead guitar, electronics

Martin: bass

Benton: rhythm guitar

Suss: drums


Drums on "Chaos Engine" by Thonolan.

Manatark - Chaos Engine
80/1001Details Metal Age Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Black Metal

Writer @D.M.A. on Saturday Jun 5th, 2004

Tags: #Manatark
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