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GodHateCode - Aeons
"Austrian-Swedish-Spanish DEATH METAL"

"Old-school death-metal meets modern and straight in the face brutality!"

Those are the two sentences that stand out on this band's MySpace. GodHateCode is an international band, with Coercion/ex-Grave drummer Ekegren, Thirdmoon/In Slumber/Eisblut guitarist/songwriter Rothbauer, Distaste's Schweiger on vocals and Tana from Avulsed on bass.

The band's mix is clear: You get a nice touch of Swedish death metal, Grindcore-ish vocals with a nice Spanish pepper in the ass. Some tracks could be from The Haunted, if The Haunted had grindcore vocals and more blastbeats. Most songs clock in around the 3 minute mark, and the record is done after a good 30 minutes. In that 30 minutes you`ll definitely get your fix of breeeee-vocals and blasts mix with the occasional groovy riff to get partycrew going. Personal highlights are the Gojira-esque 'Seelenkalt' and the excellent mid-section riff of 'Survive Pain To Survive Hate'.

The band's pedigree is clear, but a lot of the music gets lost in the continous metal-assault without ever suprising the listener with something new and original. 60 points for songwriting, 80 for execution. Check it out of you like uptempo death metal with grind influences.
GodHateCode - Aeons
80/1001Details Maintain Records
Released on Friday Apr 4th, 2008
Modern Death Metal

Writer @Carn on Sunday Oct 12th, 2008

Tags: #GodHateCode
Tracklisting 1. Crawl Down To Zero
2. Deathlike God Complex
3. Slumbering Sickness
4. Seelenkalt
5. The Odium Inside
6. Hypnagogic State
7. Survive Pain To Survive Hate
8. Incinerated
9. Torrent Of Hatred
10. Narcoleptic Wrath
Line up Armin Schweiger: Vocals
Pelle Ekegren: Drums
Wolfgang Rothbauer: Guitars&Vocals
Tana (Antonio Carlos Rodriguez Espigares): Bass