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Bulldozer Breed - Bulls In A Mosh
Throw in the necessary swagger of Black Sabbath, a nice dose of thrash metal and you end up with Bulldozer Breed, hailing from the well known town of Bakel in The Netherlands.

The band's debut album, Bulls In A Mosh, has quite some things going on. The shuffle of 'Bottom of Life' makes you want to swing, and 'Bolker' is an oldschool Anthrax-like thrash song with the most random electronic interlude I've ever heard. Nice idea, bad execution! 'Visions of Violence' kicks off with an acapella intro, followed by an almost southern-rock guitar riff. Jorik's vocals remind me of Kreator's Mille Petroza, but without the visciousness, which is a shame because the tracks themselves are good material. 'Tonight We Ride' could be a slow Megadeth track, and closer 'King Demon' wouldn't look out of place on an Entombed record, if it had more dirt to it. Like I already said, a lot of good ideas on this record but somehow it doesn't really gell together like it should.

While the songwriting and execution is fine, the production could be better. This kind of music calls for a gritty, dirty guitarsound and ditto vocals, and both are a bit lacking. The songs have some really great things going, and the mix of hardrock with metal is certainly something that works well. A grittier production and trimming of the songs would be my advice for these guys.
Bulldozer Breed - Bulls In A Mosh
69/1001Details Independent
Released on Friday Jul 11th, 2008

Writer @Carn on Sunday Oct 12th, 2008

Tags: #Bulldozer Breed
Tracklisting 1. The beast is back
2. Ubercrusher
3. Bottom of fire
4. Bolker
5. Visions of violence
6. An evening with satan
7. Bulls in a mosh
8. Tonight we will ride
9. Assassin
10. King demon
Line up Vocals/Bass - Jorik
Guitars - Willem
Drums - Bart