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Trustgame - Trustgame
Trustgame’s self-titled debut was already released in June of this year. Unfortunately it found its way to Metalrage a few months later. Is this such a release where the saying “the longer the wait, the bigger the bait” is in place? Or is this too little, too late?
Trustgame’s music has it roots in the second wave of nu-metal/rockbands and other forms of more modern rock music. One name that frequently popped up in my head was that of Canadian rockband Finger Eleven. Especially the opener ‘Whatever You Say’ has that melancholic rock vibe that characterized the first efforts of Finger Eleven. Trustgame has the talent to mix this up with more up-tempo rocksongs like ´Break Us Down´ which almost sounds like a Danko Jones tune, though the melancholic songs are on the upper hand.
Of course this has been done before, but Trustgame surprises by using a lot of variety and at the same time the songs still sound like Trustgame. The album doesn´t sound fragmentized or incoherent. Very nicely done! Another strong point is the flexible voice of Thorsten. He does a remarkable job on this album. He gives otherwise okay songs just that edge to make them nice/great songs.
I really like this album, though I don’t think that with this formula Trustgame has a lot of room to grow. It has all been done before (though their execution is great) and this kind of music is so traditional, that I’m afraid that if they follow this course their next record will be an exact copy of this one (also known as the Linkin Park-syndrome).
Trustgame - Trustgame
78/1001Details Limited Access Records
Released on Friday Jun 13th, 2008
Melancholic Modern Rock

Writer @Neurotic on Tuesday Oct 14th, 2008

Tags: #Trustgame
Tracklisting 1. Whatever You Say
2. Break Us Down
3. Dickcheeze
4. Just Some Words
5. Notorious
6. Good-bye Harbour
7. Vacuum
8. My Satellite
9. Tired Man
10. DNA
11. Sometimes
Line up Thorsten Schwesinger – Vocals, Guitars
Florian Hegemann – Guitars
Thomas Kennel – Bass, Background Vocals
Beray Habip – Drums
Kai Schumacher – Piano, Electronica