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Neronoia - Il Rumore Delle Cose

Neronoia, a cooperation of the Italian bands Canaan (progressive doom) and Colloquio (darkwave/electro), has made it quite difficult to tell something about the band or about its latest release Il Rumore Delle Cose (the noise of things). Italian information, numbered song titles, music that hardly can be described… In a certain way it is frustrating, but after hearing the actual album I couldn’t care less about the given information.

Right from the start of ‘XI’ - their previous record Un Mondo In Me consists of songs ‘I’ to ‘X’ - Neronoia takes you away on a mysterious trip through their dark and experimental world. Their minimal, down-tempo music has a very empty production with the drums and bass almost constantly on the background. The Italian semi-spoken and sometimes whispered vocals are together with the atmospheric synthesizer parts and the doomy guitar melodies the most important guides through your own fantasies.

Due to the vague, but inspiring subject and more specifically the Italian-spoken vocals, the listener is totally free in how he interprets this synthesizer-based postrock, doom, ambient mixture. Especially in the evening hours this music is perfect when you’re trying to forget everything around you for a while. I’ve never done yoga, but this is probably an easier way to free your mind for a short period.

Check their site to read more about the noise of things and what Neronoia actually means.

Neronoia - Il Rumore Delle Cose
91/1001Details Eibon Records
Released on Thursday Mar 20th, 2008
Relaxing combination of different genres

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Oct 14th, 2008

Tags: #Neronoia
Tracklisting 01. XI
02. XII
03. XIII
04. XIV
05. XV
06. XVI
07. XVII
09. XIX
10. XX
Line up Matteo – Guitar
Alberto – Bass, Keyboards
Mauro – Keyboards, Bass, Guitar
Andrea – Drums
Gianni – Vocals