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Agrypnie - Exit
When the members of Nocte Obducte parted ways, vocalist Torsten Hirsch decided to continue his musical journey with the avantgarde black metal solo-project Agrypnie in 2005. After releasing the full length F51.4 in 2006, Torsten completed the line-up and Agrypnie brought to the world the second full length album; Exit. This time with a drummer made of flesh and blood.

And what a drummer! Tight blast beats, some fine double bass parts and above all a lot of variation, which most definitely keeps you interested during the songs. For instance the instrumental song 0545 got me hooked, because of the drums, but also because of the interplay between the guitar and the bass. I don’t like to use the word perfection, but this track comes pretty close to excellence.

Speaking of the guitars; it’s obvious we are dealing with some professional musicians here. The guitar parts flow through, around and over each other and the diversity of the guitars create such an extraordinary atmosphere. It’s as if you’re watching some horror movie and you know something is going to happen, but that moment just doesn’t seem to come. It’s a good way of intensity though; the riffs give me goosebumps for sure.

What appeals to me most on this album is the swing between vulnerability and aggressiveness, not just between but also within the tracks. One moment the composition comes across as extremely sensitive and the next moment you wonder if it’s even the same band who’s delivering a strong attitude through their tracks. Exit is a convincing record and I’m sure Agrypnie can extend their list of fans after this release.
Agrypnie - Exit
85/1001Details Supreme Chaos Records
Released on Friday Aug 8th, 2008
Avantgarde Black Metal

Writer @Kaar on Friday Oct 17th, 2008

Tags: #Agrypnie
Tracklisting 1. Mauern
2. Die Last der Erinnerung
3. Zivilisation
4. 0545
5. Fenster zum Hof
6. Wohin
7. Während du Schläfst
8. Schwarz
9. R40.2
10. In den Weiten
11. Exit
Line up Torsten Hirsch – Vocals
Andreas Ballnus – Live Guitar
Domenik Papaemmanouil – Live Guitar
Carsten Pinkle – Bass
René Schott - Drums