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Destination's Calling - Invisible Walls
Destination’s Calling was founded in 1999, Germany. The release of the first demo tape made it possible for the band to perform a lot. Those performances generated enthusiastic fans, and the band saw opportunities to further their progress. After two more demo CDs and a lot of positive feedback, the band decided it was time to record their first full-length, Invisible Walls.

The band’s heavy metal is well-produced and they sound like the experienced acts in the scene. The progressive elements bring a fresh breeze to the otherwise well-known sound.

The vocals are mostly quite melancholic, with some harmonies at key points in choruses. Some of the tracks are catchy because of these harmonies, like ‘Bleeding Again’, and others contain nice guitar riffs that form a strong foundation for Destination Calling’s sound.
The tempo varies a lot, from power metal-like speed to the clean guitars of a rock ballad.

Although the music is cool, the vocals tend to mellow me out. The harmonies become tiring after a while of listening and the desire for a more raw, powerful sound pops up.

Invisible Walls is a nice full-length if you like melancholy in your music, topped with a lot of vocal, as well as guitar harmonies. I personally would have liked to hear a more powerful vocal sound and less chanting. I say, give this one a shot. You might like it.
Destination's Calling - Invisible Walls
67/1001Details Gordeon Music
Released on Friday Sep 26th, 2008
Heavy Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Sunday Oct 19th, 2008

Tags: #Destination's Calling
Tracklisting 1. Intro
2. Fallen from Grace
3. Sinthetic
4. Trapped in Silence
5. Bleeding again
6. Prolog
7. Invisible Walls
8. Disconnected
9. Sentenced
10. Turning Away
11. Destination´s Calling
Line up Christian Gräter - vocals/guitar
Markus Göller - guitar/vocals
Christian Frank - drums
Steffen Singler - bass