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Early Grave - Tomorrow I Am You
As if it never ends, we received yet another debut-album from a young British band that tries to make its way in the core genre. The Peterborough-based band Early Grave has achieved quite a lot in their still tender age career by, for example, supporting Mastodon, Drowning Pool and Architects. With their record Tomorrow I Am You, they’re now trying to prove why they were asked to do these kind of support-shows.
Tomorrow I Am You maybe is a warning towards the popular bands, but Early Grave needs definitely more time than one day to become one of the leading bands. They’re young and talented, but their debut sounds like a cat that’s thrown into a pool. This is by the way not meant offensively at all. When a cat is thrown into a pool it will do anything to reach dry land and/or to attract someone’s attention. Early Grave also tries to do everything that’s in its range to be heard. They’ve got thrashy riffs, death (and even a little bit black) metal influences topped with impressive growls and scream, but they also use hardcore-based songs with much melody in it and clean (emo) vocals. With all these different styles they just drown in their own good intentions.
With band members aged between 16 and 20, they’ve got their whole lives ahead of them and hopefully with the next record they’ve experienced that mixing as much different styles as possible isn’t the way to last forever. They should try to stick to the ones they like best and try to create their own sound, without sounding too chaotic and unfocused.
Early Grave - Tomorrow I Am You
65/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Monday Jul 14th, 2008

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Oct 21st, 2008

Tags: #Early Grave
Tracklisting 01. Yesterday
02. As Thick As Thieves
03. Golden Hearts
04. No Excuses
05. Dead To Me
06. To The Grave
07. You Won’t Live To See Sunrise
08. This Day She Reigns
09. Sharper Than Your Tongue
10. I Have Been Waiting Decades
11. Like A Widow At The Wake
Line up Jordan Butler – Vocals
Josh Morgan – Guitar, Vocals
Russ James – Bass, Vocals
Sean Ruane – Drums