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Cheezus - The Privilege Of Boredom
Another Demo Review from the Lowlands, this time around MetalRage Reporter SiC goes down to the BeaverHood to check out some quality Emo: I was asked by (a)Lex to do this review and I had never heard of this band before, so why not give them a chance? These Dutch guys from Beverwijk started playing in 1997. After some changes in the line-up the band felt complete, and a demo was recorded in the summer of 2002 in an attic studio. On the Cheezus website can be read that they play crossover emocore, metal, metalcore and hardcore. Influences from Tool can be noticed as well as Poison The Well. Sounds pretty interesting, so let's give it a shot. The demo starts with 'Spnak'. It starts pretty slowed down, then builts up to the real 'emo-feeling'. Concusion: good song, vocals should be somewhat harder on some points, but still a good song. Second song: 'Toxic Waste'. My favorite song on this demo. Starts really slow in the beginning to turn into a really energetic song, filled with feelings, the way emo should be. 'The Privilege Of Boredom' is the third song. The title of this demo as well, as the demo before this one, which is never released. Not the best song, still good. The Tool song structure is noticeable in this song, still it sounds original. 'Choose': the vocals on this song are just great... filled with emotion, the factor some other songs miss a little. Beside the vocals..this whole song breathes 'emo'. Good job, great ending. 'Sad Boy'...The song title honours the song sounds really sad. Emo in its purest form? Chilled down instruments, good vocals...Like 'Choose', this song breathes 'emo'. If you didn't feel sad before listening to this song, you will be afterwards. The ending is somewhat abrupt, but doesn't ruin the song...kinda fits in. The last song: 'Scattered Tears'. One word: beautiful. Sometimes the song slows down, and it seems to charge itself before it explodes and dies... to ressurect itself again and do everything again. Again: beautiful. Conclusion: Go to their website, download the demo, enjoy and wait. They're busy with another demo, which will be a litttle bit different from this one. I'm eager to hear it, and I'll keep you guys informed about this band. Track listing: 01.Spnak 02.Toxic waste 03.The privilege of boredom 04.Choose 05.Sad boy 06.Scattered tears Cheezus is: Frans Timmer - vocals Pieter Hulscher - guitar Guyon Moree - guitar Maarten Schouten - bassguitar Rene Harmsen - drums The demo can be downloaded on, or be ordered on the site. Review by SiC
Cheezus - The Privilege Of Boredom
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Cheezus
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