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No Quarter Given - The Embodiment Begins
Evita, Sharp End First, Rinoa, Open The Skies, Early Grave and No Quarter Given. If I haven’t forgotten a release, this is my sixth review about a British band making metal / deathcore this year. Reviewing releases of one of the above mentioned bands is difficult, because you don’t want to say the same thing over and over again, while they’re all practically the same. If you’ve read my previous five reviews about these UK-based bands, it’s a waste of time to continue reading, ‘cause telling something about No Quarter Given will probably be a summary of these releases.
No Quarter Given was founded in 2005, when Dead Without and Cerakai forged into a new project. Their debut, The Embodiment Begins, contains “a blend of thrash, hardcore and metal” and they’ve already built-up “a fearsome live-reputation”. It must be said that these guys are talented, but due to the production this isn’t a great record. The sound of the guitars is too much on the background, while the drums are way too much moved to the front.
NQG’s music is equally catchy as it’s brutal and therefore it will probably please enough people to make this band profitable, but they don’t offer much more than any other band in the genre. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but they should release a new record soon, otherwise they’ll be run in by a lot of other bands who also want to participate in this still (but for how long?) popular genre.
No Quarter Given - The Embodiment Begins
70/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Monday Jun 30th, 2008
Metal / Deathcore

Writer @Gilles on Friday Oct 24th, 2008

Tags: #No Quarter Given
Tracklisting 01. The Embodiment Begins
02. Program Divinity
03. Dystopia
04. Rusted Knives
05. Dead In Your Wake
06. Shifting Ground
07. Ascension Level
08. The Sedition
09. Fallen Paradigm
10. Endgame
Line up Hawk – Vocals
Big Ad – Guitar
Small Ad – Bass
Rob – Guitar
Sween – Drums