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Funeral For A Friend - Memory and Humanity
It has been a while since I’ve posted my last review. Sorry for that but I was busy making music. That also counts for our English buddies Funeral For A Friend (FFAF) . Because they are back with a brand new record called Memory And Humanity.
Memory And Humanity is the follow up to last years Tales Don’t Tell Themselves. It’s already their fourth record but it’s their first to be released from their own label Join Us Records.

I have to say that I’m not familiar with their earlier releases. It seems that Memory And Humanity brings back the FFAF as you could hear it on their debut Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation. At least, so I’ve heard. Personally don’t have any material to compare it to. So this record is my first introduction to FFAF.

And this first meeting is okay. It reminds me a bit of Fall Out Boy and that kind of stuff. They show you that, within their genre, they know how to vary. A song like ‘Ghosts’ gives you that Thursday like emo sound. On the other hand they also have songs like ‘Constant Illuminations’ that reminded me of an Atreyu sound but then without the metal.

All together Memory And Humanity is a peaceful record. Only a few songs, like ‘Maybe I Am?’ and ‘Waterfront Dance Club’, really rock. And not even that hard. And here comes my biggest issue with this record…. It doesn’t have that special extra. FFAF does rock but their songs haven’t got a climax. In ‘Someday The Fire…’ you have this –supposed to be a climax – thing. But it doesn’t work. It has no balls. And the sad thing is that this whole record doesn’t show you any balls. Well, I know it sounds pretty gay the way I put it but I hope you understand my statement.

A good thing is that you can stream the entire record on their page. It makes me wonder why I wrote this review when you can check it out for yourself……ah what the hell :).

Love Maurits
Funeral For A Friend - Memory and Humanity
70/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Monday Oct 13th, 2008

Writer @Maurits on Saturday Oct 25th, 2008

Tags: #Funeral For A Friend
Tracklisting 1 "Rules and Games" - 2:48
2 "To Die Like Mouchette" - 3:20
3 "Kicking and Screaming" - 3:23
4 "Constant Illuminations" - 2:56
5 "Maybe I Am?" - 3:36
6 "You Can't See the Forest for the Wolves" - 3:22
7 "Building" - 2:38
8 "Beneath the Burning Tree" - 3:34
9 "Someday the Fire..." - 3:13
10 "Waterfront Dance Club" - 4:22
11 "Charlie Don't Surf" - 3:44
12 "Ghosts" - 3:00
13 "Constant Resurrections" - 4:25
Line up Kris Coombs-Roberts – guitar
Gareth Davies – bass, backing vocals
Matthew Davies-Kreye – vocals, guitar
Ryan Richards – drums, backing vocals,
Darran Smith – guitar