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Bride - Skin For Skin
Bride is a Christian heavy metal/hard rock band. They are active in the metalscene since the 1980´s. Their debut album, Show No Mercy, was released 22 years ago and they put out records ever since. The fact that this album is my first encounter with the band, could put me into two categories, namely the “utter ignorant for not knowing this band”-category or the “thank god that I haven´t spent any quality time listening to this band”-category.
I find myself clearly in the latter category. Bride brings us music that can be described as old fashioned heavy rock/metal with some modern influences. The modern influences can especially be found in the vocal lines. Sometimes they sound very staccato or even rap-like. And to be frank, they sound horrible! The old fashioned part of Bride is quite all right (not world shocking, mind you!), but the modern influences sound so out of place that they´re very detrimental for the end result.
But truth be told, Skin For Skin isn´t totally horrendous. It´s just too bad that I have heard it all before and nine out of ten times I have heard a better version of this chewed out form of metal. It really bores the hell out of me! I find it strange that a band that makes music for 22 years couldn´t come up with a better effort than this one.
Bride - Skin For Skin
50/1001Details Retroactive Records
Released on Friday Jul 11th, 2008
Heavy Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Monday Oct 27th, 2008

Tags: #Bride
Tracklisting 1. The Calm
2. Skin For Skin
3. End Of Days
4. Take The Medication
5. Inside Ourselves
6. Hard To Kick
7. Fuel And Fire
8. Breathless
9. Prodigious Savant
10. Bang Goodbye
11. Rise Above
12. The Government
13. Super Ego Star
14. Hang On
Line up Dale Thompson – Vocals
Troy Thompson – Guitars
Lawrence Bishop - Bass

Jason Lewis and Mark Gray – Drums
Steve Osborne – Guitar solos on various songs