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Vaux - There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them
[i]There Must Be Some Way to Stop Them[/i] is a daunting title. After reading the bio I was promised to hear an energetic melodic punk/core band which should get your head nodding along. The band played on the Warped 2003 tour where the six-piece drew some heads because of their energetic live performance. Lets see if this band can energize yours truly... The first thing that I noticed is the straight-forwardness of this band. Dont expect innovative playing or songwriting, this is in your face music. The disc kicks off with the tune [i]Set it To Blow[/i], which directly defines the style of this cd. Fast energetic punkrock with emo-ish melodies on top of it. Some of the better songs on this disc are [i]Switched On[/i] and [i]Four Cornered Lives[/i], songs with a nice melody and a mid-tempo pace. To me, they stick out like a sore thumb in a postive way, because alot of the other songs sound alike to me. Maybe its what these guys enjoy doing, but listening trough a disc full of semi-similiar songs is a task that I found very hard. The guys recorded 11 songs on this cd in three weeks. This is the reason why this disc really sounds like a fragment of the bands talent, instead of a nice overview of their capabilities. This cd is worth checking out if you like fast, up-tempo punk/core kind of stuff, the type of music that usually gets played with skate videos. [i]There Must Be Some Way to Stop Them[/i] is a decent offering but it just doesnt have the tunes on it that will stay in your head for a few days. Tracklist: 1. Set It To Blow 2. On Love And Cars 3. Fame 4. Switched On 5. At Your Will 6. Ride Out 7. Broke The Breaks 8. Paint It Red 9. Four Cornered Lives 10. Do It For Sixty 11. Shot In The Back
Vaux - There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them
53/1001Details Music For Nations
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Jun 8th, 2004

Tags: #Vaux
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