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Ruins Of Faith - To The Shrines Of Ancestors
To The Shrines Of Ancestors is the debut record of Ruins Of Faith, one of the very few bands from Georgia. This three-piece was formed in 2001, while the actual release year of this album was 2006.

As can be expected from Ruins Of Faith’s label Haarbn Productions, this is of course an underground release. The styles that they represent are pagan and black metal. Not an exceptional combination, but this time it created a large contrast. Pretty much all the folk stuff, ambient interludes and other symphonic intermezzos sound really uninspired, while their straight forward black metal parts are really tight.

The production of this disc is not of a high quality. The music is mixed quite okay, but the vocals really sound like one layer that is on top of the rest. Doiashvili’s voice is not outstanding and sounds very monotonous. The band and producer should’ve done a better job if his screams were to be more mixed into the music. My compliments go out to the drum sound; they were recorded right and particularly the blastbeats during the aforementioned black metal outbursts sound very good.

At the end I wouldn’t call this record a recommendation. It features nothing special and I hope that Ruins Of Faith’s follow-up will consist of some more quality and originality.
Ruins Of Faith - To The Shrines Of Ancestors
46/1001Details Haarbn Productions
Released on Sunday Sep 10th, 2006
Pagan/Black Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Wednesday Oct 29th, 2008

Tags: #Ruins Of Faith
Tracklisting 01. To The Shrines Of Ancestors (Part 1)
02. Pagan
03. Father Fire
04. The Everquest
05. To The Shrines Of Ancestors (Part 2)
06. Ruins Of Faith
07. Mournbringer
08. Solar Eclypse
09. Murvan Kru
Line up Vasiko Doiashvili - Vocals, Guitars
Vakhtang Tskhvitava - Bass, Keyboards
Nikoloz Rukhadze - Drums