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Black Anvil - Time Insults The Mind
Hardcore and black metal usually don’t go hand in hand. The newly formed band Black Anvil seems to be an exception, for the three members of this black/thrash outfit have all been involved in acts like Kill Your Idols, Madball, Deathcycle and H2O for example. Let’s see how this works out.
The threesome is inspired by the godfathers of the black metal scene, which means bands like Celtic Frost, Venom and Darkthrone and such. The music has a nice rock ‘n’ roll groove to it, yet the atmosphere is quite grim and sinister. Luckily the band chose to go with a rather smooth production instead of the true primitive sound, making it a highly accessible album. Here and there it is easy to hear that these guys have a hardcore background though, yet it is disguised very well.
The eights songs all contain a lot of dynamics and variation, going from mid-tempo grooves to black metal blasting to down-tempo depression. This makes the album a real treat to listen to if you’re into the new wave of black ‘n’ roll bands like for instance Toxic Holocaust. Also a nice cover of Celtic Frost's 'Dethroned Emperor' is included as a hidden track. Considering this is only their debut I expect there is a lot from this band to come, judging by the quality of this record. I for one am sorry I missed their show at the ZXZW festival a month ago, but I will make sure I’m there the next time!
Black Anvil - Time Insults The Mind
85/1001Details Monumentum Records
Released on Friday Oct 10th, 2008
Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Oct 31st, 2008

Tags: #Black Anvil
Tracklisting 1. Margin For Terror
2. Ten Talons Deep
3. Deathsomnia
4. On This Day Death
5. Release The Kraken
6. And You Thought You Knew Pain!
7. 777
8. L.T.H.L.T.K.
9. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
Line up P (Paul Delaney)- Vocal, Bass
R (Raeph Glicken) - Drums, Vocals
G (Gary Bennett)- Guitar
Black Anvil - Black Metal out of the deep bowels of the Big Apple!
Black Anvil - Black Metal out of the deep bowels of the Big Apple!