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Grind Inc. - Sudden State Of Hate
Earlier this year I saw Grind Inc. live during the annual Neurotic Deathfest, and I must say that I liked their groove and brutality a lot. In front of me now lies Sudden State Of Hate, Grind Inc.’s third effort to date. Let’s check it out.

On this disc, Grind Inc. treats us on a more than decent dose of in-your-face death metal. The production is excellent and the musicianship is also of a high level. Grind Inc.’s sound is defined by a whole lot of groove and a twin-vocal attack for extra brutality. The blastbeats that are going on and on are more than clear, also due to the little amount of snares under the drummers snare drum. By some bands that sometimes sounds a bit overdone, but this time it fits the music perfectly since it emphasises the speed.

There are no real highlights to be found on the album, because the overall quality is, as said before, very good. Yet, I’d like to pick a few tracks that feature some cool parts, such as “Pact With Agony”, in which the leading death metal pattern has similarities to Gojira’s “Yama's Messengers”, while also the typical Gojira guitar licks are remarkable. The titletrack is worth checking out because of its fast and technical guitar play, which we can compare to the sound of the new breed of death(core) metal bands.

So, if you’re a fan of relentless death metal in the vein of the New Yorker style (read: Suffocation) combined with some modern technical guitar solos, check out these Germans!
Grind Inc. - Sudden State Of Hate
78/1001Details Twilight Vertrieb
Released on Tuesday Apr 1st, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Sunday Nov 2nd, 2008

Tags: #Grind Inc.
Tracklisting 01. Human Time Bomb
02. Certifiably Insane
03. Hole In The Ground
04. Pact With Agony
05. To Descendants
06. Lack Of Credibility
07. Collateral Body Count
08. Killustrating Your Demise
09. Petrified Parasites
10. Voice Of Premonition
11. Sudden State Of Hate
Line up Christoph Mieves - Vocals
Tom Strater - Vocals
Jan Pelser - Guitar
Thomas Granzow - Bass
Adriano Ricci - Drums