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Oblivion999 - Illusions Painted For Me Alone
Formed in Modena, Italy in 1999, Oblivion999 released their first full length in March of this year, entitled Illusions Painted For Me Alone. Let’s find out if this is a promising debut disc, or yet another one of those Italian crap bands.
Oblivion999 is a progressive metal band drawing its influences from classic 80s thrash metal and mid-90s Swedish death metal sound. The song structures and musicianship offer some potential and perspective here and there, but the overall product is utterly ruined by the terrible production.

The instruments are out of balance and miss the power to really impress. To kick them back even further, they have a guest performance from a female vocalist twice, who manages to sing out of tone beautifully. For the rest there is not much to be impressed by on this disc.
No, this is not worth your time or your money. Sorry guys but it’s back to the drawing board for you. Go work on your song structures please, and find a decent producer to work with.
Oblivion999 - Illusions Painted For Me Alone
43/1001Details Rebel Yell Productions
Released on Monday Mar 3rd, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 3rd, 2008

Tags: #Oblivion999
Tracklisting 01. For me alone (Intro)
02. In need
03. Newest era
04. Neon trails
05. Scattered atoms
06. The world runs faster than me
07. Side A / Side B
08. Pearled of morning dew
09. April evenings
10. The may vertigo
11. Momentum
12. Horizon of events
13. Deadlock
Line up Stefano Crotti : Vocals
Diego Angeli : Lead and rhythm guitar, clean vocals
Francesco Poggi : Lead and rhythm guitar
Gabriele Lei : Bass guitar
Nicolò Messori : Drums