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An Albatross - The An Albatross Family Album
The Pennsylvanian outfit An Albatross is far from your everyday rock band. The An Albatross Family Album is their third album, and it’s a hell of a ride! Let me explain why.
The sound that An Albatross approaches is that of bands like Daughters, Mr. Bungle, The Locust and especially the band Trencher. The band has a hyperactive organ/keyboardist that plays along with fast guitar parts in crazy structures and rhythms. And there are some blastbeats of course, that together with insane vocals and intense metal riffs create a bizarre atmosphere, which seems to be exactly what the band is aiming at.
The only problem I have with this record is the low quality of the production. It all sounds a bit dull. If this weren’t the case I think the music would make a much better impact. The songs are all very humoristic, chaotic and experimental. The An Albatross Family Album is an interesting ride to take, and I’d advise all fans of the band mentioned above to give it a try. You won’t regret it.

PS. Does anybody else find it funny to put the two words that make this band name together?
An Albatross - The An Albatross Family Album
78/1001Details Eyeball Records
Released on Monday Oct 20th, 2008
Circus Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Nov 3rd, 2008

Tags: #An Albatross
Tracklisting 1. Neon Guru
2. ...And Now Emerges The Silver Pilgrim
3. The Hymn of the Angel People
4. The Psychonaut & The Rustbelt
5. Starving on Rabbit Meat
6. A Convivial Feast of the Peace Beast
7. Floodgates Released
8. The Electric Proletariat Rides A Velvet Chariot
9. 3,000 Light Years By Way of the Spacehawk
Line up Eddie B. Gieda III - Writhing, psychedel-evangelist vocalist
Jay Hudak - Rhythmic, contortionista bassist
Phillip Reynolds Price - Farfisa/Hammond-master
Steven Vaiani - Percussionista
Daniel Schlett - Thundergod guitarist, Virtuoso
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