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One Man Army&The Undead Quartet - Grim Tales
After realizing that the music was too good for just a solo project, Johan Lindstrand formed a band around him and One Man Army & The Undead Quartet was born. They released a great debut album with 21st Century Killing Machine, but unfortunately their second record Error In Evolution passed by unnoticed in my case. Four years after the start of the band they’ve now just released their third record, Grim Tales. Should I be ashamed that I lost this band out of sight after their debut or is this just another mediocre death / thrash release?
Where opener ‘Black Clouds’ still is a peaceful intro, ‘Misfit With A Machinegun’ immediately kicks you multiple times in the face during its first couple of seconds. They still own that same formula as with which they brewed 21st Century Killing Machine, but Grim Tales is even deadlier. You don’t have to expect a huge amount of variation between the different tracks, but songs like ‘Saint Lucifer’ and ‘Cursed By The Knife’, and in fact the whole album, are certainly worth listening to.
Besides up-tempo killer tracks they’ve also slowed down a bit with the great, mid-tempo ‘Death Makes It All Go Away’. The tracks on the record do have some similarities though. Whether they play a song fast or a little bit slower, the choruses are equally catchy and after just a couple of spins you’re growling them as if you’re standing at a concert of these Swedes. In fact, the whole record gives you the feeling as if they’re playing right in front of you.
If you’re digging brutal metal combined with nice melodies, while the whole is topped by catchiness, you’ll be very pleased with Grim Tales. If you want to know whether they can impress you when they’re really performing these songs live and you live in Europe, you’re lucky. On November 14th they’re starting with the Hammer Battalion Europe 2008 tour together with Unleashed as headliner and other supports. They’ll do a gig every day until December 7th, so try to check them out on one of those dates. They’re worth it.
One Man Army&The Undead Quartet - Grim Tales
83/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Friday Oct 24th, 2008
Thrash / Death Metal

Writer @Gilles on Tuesday Nov 4th, 2008

Tags: #One Man Army&The Undead Quartet
Tracklisting 01. Black Clouds
02. Misfit With A Machinegun
03. Saint Lucifer
04. Cursed By The Knife
05. A Date With Suicide
06. Death Makes It All Go Away
07. Dominator Of The Flesh
08. Bonebreaker Propaganda
09. Make Them Die Slowly
10. The Frisco Reaper
11. Bastards Of Monstrosity
Line up Johan Lindstrand – Vocals
Mikael Lagerblad – Lead guitar
Mattias Bolander – Rhythm guitar
Marek Dobrowolski – Drums
Robert Axelsson – Bass