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A Poetic Yesterday - A Little South Of Zero
From the Midlands of the United Kingdom resides A Poetic Yesterday. With their debut album A Little South Of Zero they try to find their place within the screamocore genre that is filled with a lot of bands nowadays.
I don’t know why every band has to have an intro to their album and especially not when the intro is completely useless compared to the rest of the album. Okay now I got this out of the way let’s talk about the debut album of this screamocore act. Finally after the intro the terrorizing of my eardrums begins with ‘Firefightersfightfires’. During the first couple of seconds I’m starting to like this song. Sadly enough for me the song falls apart during the chorus and it gets even worse when the entire band is woahing along. But of course the album doesn’t end after two songs so bravely I continue to the next couple of songs.
Finally during ´Tony Jaa Will Kick Your Face´ I’m excited again. This song starts with a great riff that keeps on coming back during the song. Lyrically it’s not quite a highlight but the great melody combined with the brutality in this song makes me rethink my verdict about this one. Luckily for me there’s more where this came from. With ´My Hairstyle Defines Me´ and ´Thermite Plasma On Your Steel Supports´ there are two more songs that are interesting enough to keep my attention.
During the album the name From Autumn To Ashes kept on coming back several times in my head. Sometimes it’s even if A Poetic Yesterday paid a bit too much attention when they were playing those albums. Which automatically gives me the idea that A Poetic Yesterday doesn't have a face of its own. Overall it’s not bad but it certainly isn’t enough to keep me interested in the band. Sorry guys maybe better luck next time.
A Poetic Yesterday - A Little South Of Zero
60/1001Details Rising Records
Released on Friday Oct 24th, 2008

Writer @Niamen on Saturday Nov 8th, 2008

Tags: #A Poetic Yesterday
Tracklisting 01. A Little South Of Zero
02. Firefightersfightfires
03. Countdown Vs Catch Phase = Jeremy Kyle
04. Tony Jaa Will Kick Your Ass
05. My Hairstyles Define Me
06. Skellatella
07. I Can Sea The Seller
08. The Gloves Are Off, Is That A Wedding Ring?
09. Thermite Plasma On Your Steel Supports
10. Seranade For Spiders
11. The Movie
Line up Gavin Stewart - vocals
Matt Youl - vocals/guitar
Rich Marshall - vocals/guitar
Ryan Stewart - bass
Dave Yarnell - drums