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Prey For Nothing - Violence Divine
This Israeli technical death metal band arose from the ashes of Damnation in 2005. Instead of copying bands like Carcass, Death and Arch Enemy, Prey For Nothing decided to give the music its own twist with a progressive approach. Some research on the net shows this band released one hell of debut with Violence Divine. Why? Cause vocalist Yotam Avni reminds of Death’s very own Chuck Schuldiner. Now, I lack the knowledge to confirm that but I guess it’s worth finding out! Hell, I’m sure it is!

This album shows a band that’s far ahead of other bands that released only one album. This albums does not only show that Prey For Nothing has great musicians and a great singer, it also shows these guys think things through. Take for example the lyrics, the artwork and even the band name. They’re all very obviously influenced by the ongoing war in Israel/Palestine. They all breath an atmosphere of sadness. Sadness because of the captivity in which these people most of the times live in. Musically, it worked out fine for the guys of Prey For Nothing. Still, war shouldn’t be your number one influence in music.

Well, the music then. It’s an album based on death metal elements. Some guitar solos here and there and technical (read: sometimes progressive) drumming make the songs worthwhile. Also vocalist Yotam Avni does a great job on this one. His voice has a wide range of approaches, from soft singing to tortured screams. It’s pure emotion that drips off the songs. And as you all know, it’s that emotion, that passion, that can give songs that little extra.

A minor on this album for me personally is that the songs just don’t stick. For some reason I know that’s basically my own fault but I just can’t listen to this album without getting distracted by other things around me. This makes the album a little less interesting for me although there’s some damn fine music on it. Too bad!

Now, this album is not completely my cup of tea but I definitely hear some good stuff going on here. And for people out there into death metal in the vein of (later) Death, as far as the opinions of others go; Violence Divine is worth a try! As far as my opinion goes…again, definitely worth a try!
Prey For Nothing - Violence Divine
74/1001Details Rusty Cage Records
Released on Monday Sep 15th, 2008
Technical Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Nov 12th, 2008

Tags: #Prey For Nothing
Tracklisting 01. Cowardice
02. The Maw
03. Overture Of Dust
04. Breach
05. Dead Man’s Dream
06. Summoning Sickness
07. Tearing The Fabric
08. Averting Our Eyes
09. Bestowed Upon The Void
10. The Deadliest Rain
11. Blend Into The Darkness
12. Violence Divine
Line up Yotam Avni – Vocals
Yaniv Aboudy – Guitar
Eyal Glottman – Guitar
Amir Salomon – Bass
Iftah Levy – Drums