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This Or The Apocalypse - Monuments
This Or The Apocalypse is a Pennsylvanian metal outfit with one self-released demo and one full length under its belt. After this last record they got signed to the renowned Lifeforce Records and now they release a new full length on this label, entitled Monuments.
At first glimpse this band seems like yet another metalcore act trying to make it into the crowded scene. Yet there is more than the surface shows with This Or The Apocalypse. This band combines melodic and aggressive metalcore with mathematical rhythms, which results in interesting, dynamic song structures with a lot of melody, breakdowns and mind boggling math metal. The vocals that cover this music are of a screamy metalcore kind. Unfortunately these vocals are not as dynamic and interesting as the music tends to be, yet he maintains a level of aggression needed to not make this band sound emo at certain times. Because the melodic parts tend to get on your nerves when you’re halfway through the album. At least on my nerves that is. For me the level of brutality could’ve been a bit higher.
But as you can see there is a lot to do on Monuments. It shows that This Or The Apocalypse has a lot of potential and will probably appeal to fans of bands like Protest The Hero, Textures, Misery Signals and more melodic/mathematical metal(core) of this order.
This Or The Apocalypse - Monuments
78/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Oct 27th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Nov 13th, 2008

Tags: #This Or The Apocalypse
Tracklisting 01. No Horizons
02. Monuments
03. Two Wars
04. We Are Debt
05. Geist
06. Architeuthis
07. The Polymath
08. Memento Mori
09. Mauna Kea
10. Elegiac
Line up Ricky Armellino - vocals
Jack Esbanshade - guitar
Sean Hennessey - bass
Rodney Fields - guitar
Grant McFarland - drums
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