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Abstract Spirit - Liquid Dimensions Change
Russian is not well known for its active metal-scene, but lately more and more quality releases from those regions arrive at our part of Europe. Abstract Spirit is such a band that recently released their debut album named Liquid Dimensions Change.

This funeral doom-metal trio has been active in the Russian underground since 2006. Their activities have been noticed by highly acclaimed doom-label Solitude Productions (who released Dutch doomsters Heavy Lord as well). This label is also Russian based, but lately it stands out in quality (funeral) doom releases. This is one of those releases!

The 6 songs on this disc are not your easy listening summer music. From the start the disc kicks in, it will give you shivers down your spine and brings you to cold, dark and frozen landscapes. Luckily the ideal season has just begun, because this is the ideal soundtrack for the cold winter period. I know what I will be doing, staying in with my central heating and this disc.

Musically this trio plays very slow, moody, atmospheric doom-metal, which has similarities to bands like (old) My Dying Bride, Cathedral at their Forest Of Equilibrium period and a bit of Winter. A.K.’s deep, low and dark grunt is phenomenal, which gives the music the Winter-touch. Although the music gets dull sometimes, this CD will reveal its moments if you give it a chance. The guitar-riffs are real heavy and slow and the music is filled with atmospheric keyboard sounds and occasionally with violin-effects. The production of this disc is done very well and sounds heavy but clear.

I think there is still some progression they can make in their song-writing, but if you like heavy, moody funeral doom-metal, this is a band you have to check out! Give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed.
Abstract Spirit - Liquid Dimensions Change
76/1001Details Solitude Productions
Released on Tuesday Sep 30th, 2008
Funeral Doom-metal

Writer @RoyBalowski on Monday Nov 17th, 2008

Tags: #Abstract Spirit
Tracklisting 01. From Behind The Verge
02. To Kiss The Emptiness...
03. Ruined
04. Sarabanda
05. Apostasy
06. Liquid Dimensions Change
Line up A.K. - vocals, drums
Hater - guitar, bass
Stellarghost - keyboards, backing vocals