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Sesame Stress - A While in Our Daze

Last week I received a CD from Sesame Stress. This band started out in 1996 as a cover band, but when the counter hit 1999 the covers were replaced by an own repetoire. The style of this band can be described as pure, honest and in your face music. The real style is Crossover with different influences like Hip Hop, Reggae and Emo. Let me listen to another Dutch band.

This CD starts out with an intro to test your lens, I was supprised and liked it. But then the first track, it sure suprised me but I don't like the vocals at all. It sounds likes singer Xriz is overloading his voice. He is a good singer when it comes to the clean parts, a great singer for the Hip Hop parts but the louder screams just doesn't sound correct to me. Beside this point the music sounds pretty good. It sure is original and has got a lot of different influences.

Beside this the band has got an awesome DJ. This dude knows what he is doing with his turntables.

I must say that the vocals are much better in the rest of the album but the first impression has been made, I won't lose that opinion fast. If you own the cd, compare the quality of the vocals on track 2 with track 7 or 8. The difference is huge and track 7 or 8 has got much better vocals.

The best track where the awesome Hip Hop vocals are used is 'Wack Emceez', I like experimenting like this. This song is extremely good.

Back to the sounds again, I'm supprised that every song is different in style. Like what is being said in the Bio, they have got a lot of different styles in their music. I kind of like it, but Sesame Stress is not the best Dutch band I've heard so far.

Overal the originality of this CD is enormous, but the production of the vocals and maybe the quality of the vocals aren't that good. I think this is a great live band. If you like Dutch experimentations, try this CD. An other remark is that these guys have got an awesome website. And if you want to hear a great DJ, check this shit out.

Sesame Stress - A While in Our Daze
66/1001Details Independant
Released on Tuesday Nov 1st, 2005

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Wednesday Jun 30th, 2004

Tags: #Sesame Stress
Tracklisting 1. Lens Test (intro)
2. A Path Around Corridor
3. Dream Into Militarism
4. Get High (interlude)
5. Mom's Boy
6. Coffee and Sugar (interlude)
7. I Don't Like You
8. Life Ending Flatlines
9. Bong Hit (interlude)
10. Shut It Off
11. Boeton (interlude)
12. Wack Emceez
13. Leaving Babylon (live)
14. Hollywood (outro)
Line up Xriz - Vocals
I Banton - Guitar / Vocals
Masta - Guitar
Drekhed - Bass
Sjokotov - Drums
Stubby - DJ