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Mournful Gust - The Frankness Eve
Due to the fact I received no information whatsoever about Mournful Gust and judging from the cover art of The Frankness Eve, I thought I was facing some goth rock band again. I therefore was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my speakers were throwing some heavy doom at me when I put this disc in my CD-player. Searching the web I discovered I was dealing with an Ukrainian doom act with death, goth, folk and prog elements integrated in their sound.
Maybe Mournful Gust has evolved a lot since their previous, debut album in 2000, ‘cause otherwise I can’t explain why they’re still a fairly unknown band. Their doom has some resemblances with the music of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride and is certainly recommended to those of you who are into this genre. The Frankness Eve is an easy listening album and also it’s very accessible for those who aren’t that much into the doom genre.
The drums are a bit too much moved to the background, but that’s the only point of criticism in this review. From the talented vocalist Vlad Shahin to the beautiful flute parts of August Devego, everything works out really well on The Frankness Eve. Where most doom acts have a brilliant vocalist when it comes to growls, but on the other hand produces terribly weak clean vocals, Vlad Shahin can do both styles equally great. His performance is definitely the best thing about this record. He, for example, achieves to make the musically less songs very interesting and that’s a great gift.
Mournful Gust has definitely chosen the right path for this itself. Hopefully they won’t wait another eight years to release a next record and hopefully this line up stays more or less the same. When they keep on evolving I predict a bright future for this sextet.
Mournful Gust - The Frankness Eve
85/1001Details BadMoonMan Music / Solitude Productions
Released on Thursday Apr 10th, 2008
Doom Metal

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Nov 19th, 2008

Tags: #Mournful Gust
Tracklisting 01. A Pain To Remember
02. It’s Our Own Tragedy
03. To Your Deceits… Again
04. From Illusions And Jealousy
05. The Cold Solitude
06. With Every Suffering
07. Honey For My Wounds
08. Recover Me In Sores
Line up Vlad Shahin – Vocals
Stas Mischenko – Keyboards
SahO Maljovaniy – Bass
Vjacheslav Kapusta – Drums
Evgeny Vecher – Guitars
Rojas Gaman – Guitars