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Danger - First Touch
Back in the eighties when punkrock was sort of done, there was a thing called glamrock. Thank god this phenomenon was dropkicked the fuck out of this world by bands like Nirvana. However, just because it's all a bunch of dudes dressed like chicks doesn't mean it was all bad music. Now here we have Danger. The name of this band definitely doesn't suit the bandphoto, which is a picture of dudes dressed like chicks and wearing lipstick and such. I basically can't imagine anything less dangerous...And the music?

What to say about the music. Well when listening to it at first you really think you took the DeLorean back to the eighties. This EP is filled with the anthem rock we know from bands like Motley Crue and early  Bon Jovi. Easy listening guitar licks with singing lines that make you want to sing along. So there you go with the first impression. When you've heard this EP a couple of times more, you find yourself asking: "Isn't this just a cover band?". And that is exactly what this EP is lacking, it's lacking originality whatsoever!

So if you like the anthem sing along glamrock, this will be right up your alley, or ass, whichever you prefer you dragqueen real music-hating motherf*****...Ahem, sorry 'bout that...But if you're into musical evolution and want a bit more than just singing along while waiting in a traffic jam, don't even bother.
Danger - First Touch
60/1001Details Independent
Released on Monday Nov 24th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 24th, 2008

Tags: #Danger
Tracklisting 1. First Touch
2. Miss Money
3. Hey You
4. California Red
5. Shove It
6. On The Run (bonus)
Line up Jesse Kid - Vocals
Rob Paris - Guitars
Toggle Rock - Bass
Danny Crash - Drums