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Dysfunctional By Choice - Travelling Within Travel
Dysfunctional By Choice, or simply DISBY, have been around since '96, hailing from Paris-France. Earlier this year I was happily surprised by another French band called Lofofora, so expectations where there! To be honest, DISBY definitely lives up to them!

The opening intro is actually a welcome one! 'Fog' sets the tone for the rest of the record. After this the song 'Alert' tells you right away what we're dealing with here! DISBY is a band that is not scared of walking different paths from the herd! It's emo, it's hardcore, it's technical, it's just plane good music damn it!! The only band that came to mind was Quicksand. Songs like 'Feedback Disease' show that this band can rock, and 'Sleep and Learn' (one of the highlights of this album) shows their independence and creativity. With a lot of ambient stuff in between, a nice atmosphere is created, bringing it home with the great 'Underworld'.

The guitars are not that heavy, but their in check with the album's overall sound. The drummer is top notch. Some nice breaks are created here and there and he's providing a nice skilled carpet for the rest of the music to lay on! Julien's vocal range is amazing! This man possesses the right voice for this music. This album is just really fucking good people! I'm just sad it only lasts for 37 minutes!

It's surprising, it's good, it's ambient, it's definitely worth checking out!!

Dysfunctional By Choice - Travelling Within Travel
89/1001Details Sony BMG/Drakkar Records
Released on Monday Nov 24th, 2008
Technical Rock

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 24th, 2008

Tags: #Dysfunctional By Choice
Tracklisting 01. Fog
02. Alert
03. Travelling in travel (Out of trap)
04. Optimum
05. Sleep & learn
06. Feedback disease
07. Iced bed
08. Non reached lights
09. Pimple
10. Cut
11. Gotham
12. Underworld
Line up Vincent Bertellin - Guitar
Francis Caste - Drums
Julien Hekking - Guitar
Fabien Carouge - Bass
Julien Chaillou - Vocals