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Ill Nino - Live From The Eye Of The Storm
This DVD contains the following things:
-A full concert recorded live in Pennsylvania in early 2004
- Behind-the-scenes access
- Exclusive interview footage
- “Confessional” featurette
- All of the band’s videos
- Ill Nino Live 2003 – 2004 Photo Gallery

Ill Nino
Ill Nino, who doesn’t know them these days? If you didn’t already knew this six-piece Latin/Tribal metalband from their first album ‘Revolution Revolucion’ you sure got to know them after their latest release ‘Confession’. This band knows how to combine metallic riffs, melodic vocals and Latin tribal percussion, which makes them absolutely a unique band. Metal songs, acoustic songs, it’s all in good hands with Ill Nino. This band adds some great tribal influences to the percussions and gives the songs the ultimate tribal-sound by playing some Spanish guitar riffs. Even the lyrics are part English, part Spanish.
To the question what Ill Nino’s music really is about vocalist Cristian answers: “The music is about coming clean with your thoughts, your past experiences, and within yourself. It’s about telling the truth, not only to others, but also to yourself.”
Have you become curious or did you already know Ill Nino? This DVD is what you need to get inside the band. What are they really about, who stands for what in the band? You’ll all find it out on ‘Live From The Eye Of The Storm’.
Ill Nino is:
Cristian Machado – Vocals
Dave Chavarri – Drums
Jardel Paisante – Guitars
Ahrue Luster – Guitars
Laz Pina – Bass
Danny Couto – Percussion
Ill Nino live in concert
This live concert, recorded in Pennsylvania early this year is one of the best things on this DVD. Although I must admit that the band isn’t really giving a great stage-performance (and with that I mean the people on stage and not the music itself) it’s a great show! The music is almost perfect and the clean vocals of Cristian are awesome! I could only discover 2 or 3 false notes in the clean vocals and I can’t even think of anything wrong about his screaming. The setlist consists from old and new songs and they all are performed superb. Even the acoustic guitars are as they’re supposed to be and drummer Dave and percussionist Danny are performing like they’re one man with four arms, great job! It’s a pity that the setlist is only 9 songs long. Fortunately they play the best Ill Nino songs there are so all in all the live concert surely is the main thing on this DVD. A pity that the crowd is hardly moving and all the people are looking like they're watching a horrible movie. The tracklist is as following:
1. Te Amo…I Hate You
2. What Comes Around
3. I Am Loco
4. Cleansing
5. This Time’s For Real
6. Unframed
7. How Can I Live
8. Unreal
9. Liar
Ill Nino’s Real World / Scandalous Confessions
Always wondered what these guys really about? Well then you’ve got to check out the ‘Ill Nino’s Real World’ and the ‘Scandalous Confessions’ sections on this DVD. Lots of things are being discussed by the bandmembers and they share their deepest secrets with us. Do you wanna know what Cristian has in common with the term ‘male slut’? Are you interested in the number of girls the guys have slept with? Or do you prefer some more serious things like the character of the guys? Well, there’s one thing for sure, for everybody there is something on this disc. Definitely the best nickname in the band is for percussionist Danny, who is called ‘the dentist’ by his bandmembers. Unfortunately for you guys I’m not going to tell why he’s got such a nickname.
Not only the family business and the band life are discussed though. There’s also a little story of the bands ‘second life’ with their two new members Ahrue Luster (ex-Machine Head) on guitars and Danny Couto as the new percussionist. Funny fact is that these two guys were put on ‘the list’ only 10 minutes after the other two guys had left the band. Another very special thing to me was the fact that Cristian was only singing for about 5 months before Ill Nino recorded their first album, that’s almost like ‘stepping into a car, driving away and don’t even know what you’re doing’, if we may believe Cristians experiences.
I’m not going to tell you very much about this because I can’t. It’s just a nice collection of all kinds of pictures from the band. On tour or on stage, it doesn’t matter; everything where Ill Nino is involved has been put in this nice digital photo album. And to make it all a bit more attractive there are some acoustic songs put on the background.
Again there’s not very much to tell you about. I think everybody knows the Ill Nino videos by now but for those who aren’t sure about that, here’s the video tracklist:
- How Can I Live
- This Time’s For Real
- Unreal
- What Comes Around
- God Save Us
Guess what? I’m not going to tell you!
Ill Nino - Live From The Eye Of The Storm
80/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970
Latin / Tribal metal

Writer @Boek on Sunday Nov 30th, 2008

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