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Galadriel - World Under World

Some of you might still remember the days in which bands like Amorphis ruled the world of Doom metal with their depressing, romantic lyrics and typical low grunts. There are fans that never listen to anything else except music of these bands... which I don't understand, because the Doom scene has grown. And it has grown a lot, I can tell you that!


The music on the fifth album of Galadriel, World Under World, can't bluntly be labelled "Doom metal" anymore.

Using elements of music styles such as Heavy, Black- and Deathmetal and this all combined with computersamples, the term "Doom metal" is just too narrow minded for these Slovakians. Which is very understandible, because their "Modern Melodic, Dark Doom Metal" brings forth much more diversion, energy and mystery than the average Doom metalband.

Under Wings Of The Fallen One, the first track on the album, already made a smashing impression on me. Subtile electronic samples suddenly slide over in a devastating Heavy metal guitarriff that could be written by well-known bands in the genre such as Destiny's End or Running Wild. With filthy Blackmetal vocals, bassist / vocalist Dodo Datel totally crushed me until the chorus, where the vocals were being taken over by a Heavy metal singer.


A couple of songs later, right after the short piano instrumental The Fall, a heavy, melodic song kicks in, entitled Bleeding Heart's Poetry. Being one of my favourites on the album, this song combines melody, heavyness, vastness and romanticismn wonderfully.

Speaking of romanticism, Sex In The Underworld is a story on its own. Base of the song are the computerized technobeats combined with the melodic guitarplay in the choruses. Later on, rythm guitar kicks in with the verses: a totally different song than you might expect from Galadriel, but just as good, if not better.

The track Insanity + Suffering has a guitarriff in it that reminded me a lot of Cradle Of Filth. Dodo even tries to fit the riff with suitable vocals: a lot more "filthy" than on the rest of the album.


With the occasional female vocals, Galadriel complete this fantastic album. I can recommend it to everyone who feels like listening to something different from the average Doom metalband.


To me, World Under World is the best album in its genre up to this moment!



Dodo Datel: vocals, bass, programming
Tomax Gabris: guitars, programming

Matus Hanus: guitars, keyboards

Lukash Shushka: drums


Additional Line-up:

Lydia Lacuva: female vocals, flute

Andrea Tkacova: violin

Martin Kolarik: vocals

Andej Kutis: vocals
Zidar: vocals

Nathuruus: vocals



1. Under Wings Of The Fallen One
2. The End Of Eternity
3. Imaginary Sins
4. The Fall
5. Bleeding Heart’s Poetry
6. I Closed Your Book
7. Noxious Humanity
8. Insanity + Suffering
9. Sex In The Underworld
10. The Grave Is The Last


Galadriel - World Under World
88/1001Details Metal Age Productions
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Modern Melodic Dark Doom Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Saturday Jul 3rd, 2004

Tags: #Galadriel
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