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Nailbomb - Live At Dynamo
At the 1995 Dynamo Open Air, Roadrunner Records recorded a couple of their bands on video, including Dog Eat Dog, Type O Negative and Nailbomb. After the release of the awesome Dog Eat Dog show on DVD, Roadrunner now deliveres us the most exclusive gig of that festival, Nailbomb.

In case you have no idea what Nailbomb is, it was a collaboration between Max Cavalera (back then still frontman for Sepultura) and Fudge Tunnel's Alex Newport. The band has only performed twice in the history of rock n roll, one being caught on tape on this DVD.

And is it worth buying, the burning question on all of your lips. If you want a unique piece of metal history, yes. For two reasons, first of all the 1995 Dynamo was and still is a legendary edition, with 120.000 people from all over the world attending. Secondly, Nailbomb never really existed as a band, except for those two gigs back in 1995, and for the album. So we should praise Roadrunner for recording this show, so that this project never got lost in time.

Besides seeing that awesome crowd on the Eindhoven Airport grounds, one big name in metal after another appears on your t.v. screen. How about Igor Cavalera (Sepultura) and D.H. Peligro (Dead Kennedys) switching seats behind the drum-kit? Or Neurosis' Dave Edwardson? And if that wasn't enough rock and metal heavy weight for the stage to carry, Evan "jumping up and down is serious business" Seinfeld off Biohazard gets on stage to fill in on some basslines.

But be warned all you DVD-ophiles. Just like the Dog Eat Dog disc, this one has no extra's, when you pop the dvd in your player a menu with nothing else then the tracklisting appears. Some interviews would have been nice, was it not possible for someone at Roadrunner to talk to Igor Cavalera, Alex Newport or Max about this? Too bad. At the other hand the DVD is lowprice, so no real loss as far as the vallue for money principle goes.

All in all a nice document and unique piece of metal history, worth buying for sure.
Nailbomb - Live At Dynamo
70/1001Details Roadrunner
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970

Writer @Lex on Saturday Jun 25th, 2005

Tags: #Nailbomb
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