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The Victory Show - Episode: 6
Don't ask me where to get this DVD because I simply don't know. It's a bonus DVD from Victory Records and below you can find my opinion on it. I'll keep it short! 

Action Action – Druglike
Nice pop/rock band I’d say. The video itself is a great production. Definitely something to be proud of! Music wise I don’t get the point of this band being signed to Victory Records. Action Action is a band I’d rather listen to on the regular radio stations. Nope, not my thing!
Aiden – Knife Blood Nightmare
Well, what should I say? EMO! Yeah, I think I made my point clear here. A low budget video with a bunch of emo guys having a serious image problem. I’m still waiting for the first emo band that doesn’t try to look as emo as possible…that band would definitely get my credits!
Music wise I’m glad to hear there are actually screaming backing vocals. Unfortunately that’s the only catchy thing of this whole track.
The Audition – You’ve Made Us Conscious
Hell yeah! This band listened to what I just said. A song about ‘fabricated self portraits’. With as the stereo type portrait: stiff, boring, black clothes wearing, emo (sorry!) looking persons. Nice concept for a video guys!
Music wise this is the best band on this DVD so far. Catchy song, nice drum work. Vocals are a bit too poppy but what the heck…I’m not expecting any real metal on this DVD anyway. All in all a nice band. Expect a review for the album online soon!
Hawthorne Heights – Ohio Is For Lovers
½ Action Action + ½ Aidan = Hawthorne Heights.
Fortunately the backing vocals are making up a lot for this track again. Finally some more metal on the DVD! Yeah, I’m still having faith in the actual purpose of this DVD.
The Hurt Process – My Scandinavian Ride
Finally! Someone who’s willing to open his throat and scream his lungs out. Good to listen to! Definitely the best song on the DVD so far. The Hurt Process plays a very nice mixture of metalcore and emo. Actually they even made me curious to pay ‘em a visit live. Keep up the good work guys!
June – Patrick
Di-rect fans beware! This might be your next favorite boyband…
The Junior Varsity – Get Comfortable
Pfff…now it’s getting a bit annoying. Di-rect and June fans beware! This might be your NEXT favorite boyband…bit more rock-oriented than June. Just so you know!
Silverstein – Smile In Your Sleep
Ahh…my good friends from Silverstein. The only song I already knew before I watched this DVD. Fortunately Victory Records put one of the best bands of their roster on this DVD. This is a band we’re going to hear more from in the future. High quality!
Spitalfield – Gold Dust vs. State Of Illinois
“Am I listening to the radio again?” Should I say more? It’s better not to do so I guess.
Straylight Run – Existentialism On Prom Night
Hmm…guess it wasn’t really smart of me to expect a spectacular end of this DVD. Too bad! Again a pop band…nice ballad song though. I could listen to this while making love with my girlfriend.
The Victory Show - Episode: 6
60/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Various (mainly emo/poprock)

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Oct 26th, 2005

Tags: #The Victory Show
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