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Bodycount - Live In L.A.
Body Count! Ah, Body Count. Those fucking niggers, with those rock guitars. Ice-T and his bros have gone through one setback after another, with every bandmember except Ice and Ernie C passing away throughout the years. But low and behold, out of the blue: in drops a brand new DVD by one of my all time favorite hardcore groups.
Now wait a minute before everyone starts rioting in excitement, watching this dvd is quite a shock. First of all, there’s Ice-T’s beer belly and bitch-titties. And Ernie has also grown quite old. Well, that’s nature for you. But it’s good to hear Body Count hasn’t died out in agression. The energy is still there, maybe not in stage presence, but the music is still explosive.
Filmed in a tiny club called ‘The Troubadour”, Body Count Live In L.A. is a live recording that only fans will enjoy. This ‘Troubadour’ place lacks atmosphere, even on film. The stage is lit throughout the show, and watching a hardcore show in such a small club is hardly exciting. However, it is fun to hear classics such as ‘KKK Bitch’, ‘On With The Body Count’, ‘Voodoo’, ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’, ‘Evil Dick’, ‘Mama’s Gotta Die Tonight’ and of course the imfamous banned song ‘Cop Killer’. Even though one can question the credibility of such a song as Ice-T plays a cop in some cheesy tv-show nowadays, it’s still a classic that brings up the merriest of hostile emotions.
There’s some new stuff played of the long awaited (still upcoming) album ‘Murder 4 Hire’, and it sounds promising. And some visual fun as Ice-T degrades a stripper during the family singalong ‘Bring It To Pain’. I’m not too fond of degrading women but Ice-T is my favorite retard, and he can get away with anything in that light.
As far as extra’s, there’s 2 sorts of Dolby and DTS audio, a worthless talkthrough by Ernie C, and a hilarious interview by a French baguette-homosexuelle, who has outdone himself in asking the worst in cliché questions and not listening to the replies. So if you buy the dvd, don’t bother watching the extra clips, just head straight away for the concert.
All in all it’s not worth buying if you’re still not a Body Count fan. If you’re a collector, a BC freak or hardcore fanatic this will please you just about enough to get your value for money. But otherwise all you’ll see is a small club lacking atmosphere with a bunch of old dudes playing hardcore music that seems to disappear from the global music picture. I’m happy to own this questionable work of art anyhow.
Bodycount - Live In L.A.
69/1001Details Escapi Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Sunday Apr 9th, 2006

Tags: #Bodycount
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