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Zyklon - Storm Detonation Live
Zyklon has been one of my favourite Norwegian extreme metal bands ever since they released their fantastic debut World ov Worms in 2001. In 2003 they released another great album: 'Aeon' and now I’m watching their first DVD 'Storm Detonation Live'.
The live footage was shot on the Party San festival 2004 in East Germany. The show consists of 9 songs from both albums in front of quite a lot of people. Party San is not a very big festival and unfortunately I’ve never been there myself, but I think Zyklon didn’t play on the main stage, because the stage isn’t very big, but it’s pretty crowded up front. Which they deserve, because the show is fucking great!!
Zyklon play tight as hell, without too many delays between the songs and it looks like they’re really enjoying themselves as well as the audience. The sound is very brutal but clear, so that all the details in Zyklon’s technical and overwhelming music come out great. No floppy solos or bad fillings, just great musicianship.
The show starts just before dusk, so after a couple of songs the band is playing in the dark, which gives a much better ambiance for this kind of music. The light show and smoke on stage have a lot more impact this way. Too bad you can’t see Trym’s drumming very well because of all the smoke, but there are some great shots of him on there too.
Different camera angles, a good montage and sharp (although sometimes a bit over lit) images make this DVD very nice to watch.
The DVD also contains 2 video clips. A very cool edited live clip for 'Core Solution' and a clip for 'Psyklon Aeon', which combines live footage with the band trashing in some (Norwegian?) woods. Very cool indeed!
Special features on the DVD:
- Backstage & on the road footage: pretty boring actually, but OK to watch once or twice. This footage wasn’t originally meant for a DVD, so it’s just a little extra for the fans.
- Band rehearsal: nice thought, but only very short parts of songs edited into one boring piece, would have been better if it was just one or two complete songs.
- Photo Gallery: that’s better! Zyklon has always had very distinguished and professional artwork and band photo’s, so this looks very good.
- Audio track Pull the plug (Death cover) with some background graphics: very well performed, nice addition to this DVD.
I must say that, although their biography only consists of 2 albums so far (to be seen on the DVD too) this is a very good Zyklon release. Very professional, very high quality. If you’re a fan, you won’t regret buying this.

Line up:
Samoth - guitar
Trym - drums
Destructhor - guitar
Secthdamon - vocals&bass

Track Listing:
1. Core Solution
2. Worm World
3. Subtle Manipulation
4. Transcendental War
5. Psyklon Aeon
6. Two Thousand Years
7. Deduced to Overkill
8. The Prophetic Method
9. Hammer Revelation
10. Core Solution (promo video)
11. Psyklon Aeon (promo video)
12. Pull the Plug (Death cover, audio track)
Zyklon - Storm Detonation Live
87/1001Details Candlelight
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death/Black Metal

Writer @Semen on Monday May 15th, 2006

Tags: #Zyklon
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