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The Unholy Alliance - Chapter II Preaching To The Perverted
While Europe had a quite different line-up for its Unholy Alliance tour, we now get the chance to see what the American version of this trek was like. This version excludes In Flames, but it does involve Lamb Of God and Mastodon. The show was recorded at the General Motors Place in Vancouver on July the 13th. Let�s see what the Americans had on us.
The disc opens with one track of Thine Eyes Bleed, the opening band for both the US and European track, which I missed because I was waiting outside for my ticket and for a ride to put our jackets in. Can�t say that after seeing their track �Dark White� I feel like I�ve missed something though.
Up next are Children Of Bodom, whom I�ve grown to dislike in a live environment. Mainly due to the frontman�s ego, that is bigger than the band itself so it seems. Their two tracks �Angels Don�t Kill� and �In Your Face� are cool to watch though, although the sound isn�t that awesome.
Then it�s time for my heroes of Mastodon to take over and show the people how it�s done. The tracks �Capillarian Crest� (which is the best song I heard last year), �Crystal Skull� and �Blood And Thunder� are fucking awesome! The shots of the show really capture the energy of the band, although the sound isn�t optimal. Main thing is that after seeing these three tracks, I want more! Preferably live in a club goddammit! TONIGHT!
I hate Lamb Of God and their so-called pure American metal. I think most pure Americans are retards. So is their music then. Tight thrash metal is played in the track �Vigil� though, which starts in a really slow fashion but builds up to a reasonable explosion where the crowd goes wild in a big ass circle pit. Luckily they were only granted one song on this DVD, so I don�t get too agitated. NEXT!
Slayer rules. Once they have taken a place in your dark and blackened heart, they will remain there forever. Even if they give bad shows, even if Tom Araya can�t sing anymore, and even if Kerry King would suck off a horse on TV. Slayer is fuckin� Slayer and they always will be. Surprisingly the sound quality of their show is a lot better than the other bands�, probably because they were mixed by a different (probably more expensive) producer. Nevertheless Slayer sounds awesome on these ten tracks, of which some are not so common and even two new tracks. I do doubt the authenticity of the tracks, because contrary to their double live album of years ago where they stated that this was Slayer completely live with no overdubs, this is not to be found in the credits here. But as I said, once a Slayer fan, always a Slayer fan. Unless you�ve become under the influence of a dumb ass chick who felt it was time for you to grow up and become a SBS6 family watching Hart van Nederland. If this is not the case and you�ve stayed true to yourself, pick this one up because it is a worthy addition to your Slayer collection.
The extras consist of interviews with (mostly dumb) fans in the parking lot, where you�ll hear the word �fuck� more often than in the South Park movie. You get to see some real retards here, and some of the truest fans. It�s cool to see once. But the other extras are fucking hilarious, there are �interviews� between dudes of bands on this tour and dudes of Slayer. First one is Brent from Mastodon talking with Jeff Hanneman, this is immediately the funniest one. Brent is one of the most retarded yet funny idiots I�ve ever met and I doubt he�ll live to see forty with his style of living. Other than that there�s Kerry with Alexi from Children Of Bodom, which is pretty lame, Tom Araya with his brother from Thine Eyes Bleed going on a trip down memory lane, and another great one of Mastodon drummer Brann interviewing Dave Lombardo in the most ridiculous way possible. This is hilarious, especially if you know the guys from Mastodon a bit.
It�s a fun thing to watch, and a must-have for any Slayer fan in the possession of their entire discography and DVD collection.
The Unholy Alliance - Chapter II Preaching To The Perverted
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Dec 28th, 2007

Tags: #The Unholy Alliance
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